Mondegreen ATC's

Although I absolutely do not consider myself a papercrafter, I’ve loved seeing all the different styles of ATC’s people post here. For a while now I had the idea of doing a series of ATC’s with mondegreens (misheard song lyrics), and I finally brought them from idea to reality.

My process was pretty straightforward: I cut my blanks from cardstock, then used lightweight origami paper for my backgrounds and collaged the heck out of the misinterpretations.

Apologies in advance if you can’t unhear the wrong lyrics now. :wink:


(The granddaddy of all mondegreens!)




(Blurred for risqué content)

Despite my amateurish techniques, I had a lot of fun making these - a couple of them still crack me up.

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:


Well, I’ll never hear “Tiny Dancer” the same way again! :laughing: Well done!


ha ha You certainly have a lot of songs to keep this going…I do this to my husband and as a musician, he hates that I don’t know the words…so what…it is fun!

I like them all!

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I had to look up some of them, and was surprised I knew the original songs. Hysterical!

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Is it bad that I wanna play Tiny Dancer for my husband now…? :smiling_imp::innocent:


These are a hoot! Well done!

If singers wanted us to know the words, they’d enunciate clearly! And my guess is that music would suffer for it.


They should be grateful that the tune is catchy at least! Louie Louie comes to mind as a song that got banned because of “questionable” lyrics…

“What are these longhairs saying? Can’t be proper… BAN 'EM!”

We have cups from this company that does misheard lyrics on metal tumblers. I bought them for using in the hot tub so I wouldn’t worry about broken glass.

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