Moondance night

Moondance is made from a 7 inch diameter old glass bottle bottom. When we found it this idea came into my head. Took me a while to get up the courage - I’m no painter- but this weekend I did it!


It looks great.

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That is fun to use a 3D element in your painting. How did you secure it on there?

Pretty! I love how found objects inspire your art!

That is really cool! Isn’t it amazing how things almost make themselves sometimes? :grin:

How did you adhere it to the canvas?

The water highlights is great! And I love mixed media!

Oh, neato! The bottle bottom does look very moon-like. Glad you found the confidence to do it; it turned out great!

What a great idea!

Thank you!

What a cool idea! I would never have thought of making some awesome 3-D art out of an abandoned bottle bottom. It looks amazing.

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Wicked industrial glue!

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It’s a beautiful painting and I love the found element as well! :heart:

Thank you so much!

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I love this mix of media!