Moonlight sea mixed media

Another mixed media playing with posca markers. Again. The background is acrylic as are the stars.


The Posca markers add a really interesting look.

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I truly love this so much!! I love how the background and posca parts are very different in style but combined create such a masterpiece!! So cool!


What she said. This is super cool!

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Thank you !

I really like this one a LOT.

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This is beautiful! The poscas are so vivid.

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Great job on the waves, This one is so pretty

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Love the color - so vibrant!

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Thank you all!

Posca markers are so amazing. It’s really cool to see what people can make with them. This is no exception!

Congrats! You are one of this week’s featured projects! Way to be crafty!

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Oooh so pretty! It looks like it is glowing, love that!! :orange_heart:

This is so cool. I love your style!

Ooh, I adore those jellies!

Thank you Magpie!