Mosaic block. Great for using scraps

This is a test block that I’ve just finished. It’s brilliant for using up scraps, the only precise cutting is the sashing.

It’s mod mosaic quilt blocks by Elizabeth Hartman.

And it doesn’t take as long as I thought. This block probably took 30-40 mins


That looks so great! Will you make a whole quilt like this? It would be fab!

I’m thinking I might just make blocks, keeping the colour family the same in each block, just to use up the scraps. And see if they work as a quilt when they’re all done


Neat! Way to use up those scraps.

I love the black; I think it brings out the colors and patterns. (And also the little spider in the corner! eeep!)

That’s a great idea. Plus, as ideas come to you then you might use a few blocks here and there for projects. Like this one would be a lovely reusable journal cover, for example.

You do such nice work, Edel, I always love seeing what you’ve come up with next!

Fabulous! I’ll look forward to seeing what they eventually evolve into :smiley:

@sloth003 requested mosaic blocks in a prior quilt block swap…here are the ones I made for her using a color theme she requested…she always had the most interesting blocks and I learned a lot!!!mosaic

I love how scrappy yours are!!! It is going to be cool to see what you do with them!


I love this so much! It has a cool stained glass vibe.

Awesome scrappy stash-busting block. Well done Friend.

Love it! I made a baby quilt for my cousin’s kid a long time ago with this method!


I really love this idea. I’m starting to accumulate scraps, and I’m looking for projects to use them on. How fussy was it to cut the sashing and keep your seam allowances straight and even? My mom just completed a stained glass quilt (using batiks and black 1/4" sashing), and it was a challenge.How wide is the sashing on yours?

Ooh, this looks like crazy stained glass! I love this a lot, I will have to look it up and think about my scrap bin…

Oh, @AIMR that is gorgeous. I will have to review her posts and see if she posted a completed quilt…

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Oooo! That’s really great! Even the wee-est of scraps from beloved prints could be put to use!

Also, it’s nice to get another peek at your studio, Edel! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh wow, that is incredible. I am going to have to make something. She offers the pattern for FREE, how wonderful.

@TheMistressT, you might like this one too…

Not that fussy at all. If you Google the pattern, she gives a free pdf with step by step instructions. (Mod mosaic block Elizabeth Hartman) The only precise cutting is the sashing (1") I chose black for the stained glass effect.

The rest of the cutting is a kind of stack and whack, as you go, you overlap the two pieces you’re about to sew and wonky cut them, so they match, then sashing between. Check out the pattern because there are lots of photos. It’s very straightforward.

If you’ve a small cutting mat to one side of your machine and an iron on the other, you get through then fast, because you don’t need to keep standing up to cut.

Plus with her method you can use any size scraps.

I’d love to see what you make. :grinning:


@Edel these are the most beautiful, wonderful colors ever! really great work! it looks like stained glass, but in less primary colors. Great work, lady!


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