Mosaic blocks blue and yellow

Two more mosaic blocks to add to my very slowly growing stack of them. They’re a good project for a grumpy day. They need enough thought to keep your mind busy, without requiring too much brain power.
@Averia I was thinking of you when making the blue one


Love them! I hate that you’re having a grumpy day though.

I love those blocks…it is going to be a very colorful quilt once you get them all done…and, yes, they would help if you are having a crappy day!

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The black lines set the fabrics off so well… this is going to be mind-blowingly spectacular once it’s complete!

The yellow really came together! I am patiently awaiting each one coming alive!

Blue! I love blue! These really are lovely.

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Lovely blocks!
I hope you’re no longer grumpy.