Ms Snowperson and her fur cape ornament

I made this little snowperson for the ornament swap. She took over and insisted on a fur-trimmed cape to go with her fur-trimmed cap. Cheeky thing.

She’s made of a cut-down thread cone and several layers of paint. Her nose is the tip of a chopstick, sanded and painted, and of course coal for eyes and mouth (black beads). A bit of linen made her cap and cape and some scraps of fake fur finished the whole outfit. She’s quite stylish!


Wow! Great transformation from cone to cheeky snow gal!

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She is quite the stylishish snowperson, but wouldn’t she be a snowwoman?

She’s a very stylish snowperson indeed! I love my cheeky new friend! XD

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she can be whatever she wants! :grin:

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Very true. :wink: