My First ATCs

I joined the June ATC Swap, and made my very first ever ATCs! I did mostly collage from old magazine pages, plus a bit of drawing.

These were for @Reinikka. For her “fox” theme:

For her “non-electric kitchen tools” theme (does this count as a tool?):

And for her “literary quotes” theme, here’s one from Margaret Atwood:

I had a ton of fun making these and am excited to make and swap more! :slight_smile: (People who do ongoing ones: can you please explain them in a way to me that is not scary? When I’ve done chain stuff before I’ve found it extra stressful for some reason.)


These look really nice!

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Yay! I love these :smile: The salt shaker will fit in nicely with my kitchen tools cards :grin:

Ongoing swaps are not scary :slight_smile: You can always just sit back and watch for a while to get a feel for it.


~ Claim the person with the most recent claim.
~ Pick one of their themes when you claim (or claim for a surprise and pick later :wink: )
~ For ATC swaps you usually have two weeks to craft and send. No tracking needed but you’ll have to re-send if it goes missing.
~ Make sure to message the swap organizer and your claimed person when you send. And when you receive message the organizer and the sender :slight_smile:
~ There is a limit to how many “open” claims you can have so watch that. It is either “pending” cards or un-sent cards depending on the rules. A pending card is any card not received yet (even if you sent).

I like the on-going format because I can have an idea of what I’ll be making before I commit. You can also pre-craft and hope to catch someone that has a matching theme :wink:

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or if I can make it less scary/confusing. I know it intimidated me at first but now it feels easy :slight_smile: I really hope we have an ongoing ATC swap in the next round of swapping :grin:

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I found the ongoing swap format helpful at times, but parts of it can be stressful. I could chose where to send (postage costs) and also a craft or theme within my abilities. I could decide on crafts that were flatter and more lightweight (postage again) that I was certain I could get done and mailed in the set time period for that swap.

It could be a bit stressful if someone claimed that perfect list that ticked all my boxes, but with some waiting and some luck the same list (or another one I liked) would be up again soon. It helped to know that you don’t have to claim anyone. No claims and a chat with the organiser = swap removed. Some months it just might not pan out, and that’s ok.

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