My first gray scale painting

This is my FIRST gray scale painting. It was also a kind of test, testing to see if I could do one of my childhood memories, justice, because the photo I was working from was complicated. I really wanted to get it right, too, because the scene in the photo reminded me of an old battered down store that I used to pass every day when I walked to school.

…close ups needed, too much detail!

porch guys 3

porch guys 4

porch guys2

found some pics of when I was still working it…


You did this iconic photo justice…funny how it reminds you of something from your childhood…as recently as three years ago, when I was traveling in South Carolina, I still saw buildings like this…mostly boarded up, but still, some are still in use!

Your attention to detail is amazing…


Thanks, Linda! Actually the building in the photo is still standing! I have a pic of it as it is standing, today all alone in a meadow. If I look for it, I’ll never find it. Gonna have to wait till I stumble across it one day.


surprised at that…a lot of old barns and buildings were reclaimed for the trend for old wood in modern homes…I had a friend in rural Indiana who was paid over $30,000 for his barn that he was just going to tear down!

Funny how a building built in the 1920’s could still be standing 100 years later and building built sooner are already gone…

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:open_mouth: this is amazing! I can’t even paint a simple ornament without getting outside the lines and making a mess. I am in awe of your talent! Great job!

This is stunning! The details are beautiful.

Wow! You definitely like to dive into a challenge! You achieved some brilliant shading in this!

This is incredible! Well done!

This is stunning.

I know!! Makes perfect sense to me as I am an extreme history buff! The subject just fascinates me, science, too. That’s why I love garage sales and just ride around on my scooter in the summer looking for them. Picked up some wonderful old stuff, there. I also collect anything “history” on paper, because that way I can keep them in a leather binder, take out the binder occasionally and become enchanted all over again.

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EVERY one is talented in something. Usually the heart has to be in it. Ty, Jamie!

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Thanx, Jenn! :sweat_smile:

Cindy, believe it or not, I hate that about my paintings. Can’t seem to tone it down, and I have tried and tried…and failed. Which is why I don’t paint often. But ty for stopping by!

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Really appreciate it! TY!!

Thanks Kitty, hearing from talented crafts people makes it even more appreciated!!

Whew! That was a lot of work. you did an amazing job on such a complex piece. The expressions and tone are perfect.

This is fantastic!!

just one word, WOW.
This is just gorgeous! Really gorgeous! That shading is out of this world. I’m also in love with their expressions.
I love seeing the WIP pics. I think you did person per person finished and then went to the background? It seems to me that would be really difficult to find the correct grays again after taking a break or running out of paint.
Do you know how much time it took?
Did you work on paper with acrylic paints or is it canvas?

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This is phenomenal!

Wow, this is awesome! So many details! I love it!