My first rag doll - Raggedy Ann

I always loved Raggedy Ann, not the ones sold in modern Day stores, but the one created by John Gruelle for his daughter which a few years later was introduced to the public in 1918. See the first picture. I just love her!!! I just had to make my own, and hopefully, try to make it look like his. Sewing by machine is not my forte, but I decided to tackle it anyway.

John Grulles’ Raggedy Ann
Orig Ann

…and so I made it past the body. So far, so good!

…then I made the pantaloons, hmmm, wonder why no picture? Cuz it was so cute!! Sorry!!

Now the dress - front of dress. Another plateau reached.

…and the back of the dress

…and now with the dress on the doll. Oh gee, fits fine!!

And finally my finished doll. I am loving her already!

Just to explain why I don’t have pictures for everything, I do remember now that they were all in my old laptop which I dropped and now I can’t get the pictures out of it anymore. The file I got the above from was just a temp file that I thankfully didn’t erase, else I might not have any pictures to put here, at all.


She is adorable!

She is lovely!

(Sorry to hear about your laptop accident. I hope you can somehow retrieve the pictures that are still on it.)


A classic beauty!

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I like her better than the original!

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Amazing how fulfilling a desire is such great motivation to learn new skills!
Nice job!

TY! My grand daughter fell in love her, too, and so I let her keep her. She sleeps with her, still, and she is now 13!


Sssssh! I do, too! :heart: Thank you!

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Thank you! So true…that’s how I got to learn all these different skill sets I developed over the years.

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…and way, way huggable!!! :heart_eyes: TY!!!

Now and then I try it. Once it came on but the casing got red hot within seconds; I thought it was gonna blow up! So I shut it down immediately. It is the absolute worse feeling when you lose all that info like that. I now keep a 500 gig exterior drive attached to my new desk top computer and I put all my major files and pics there. Thanks for stopping by and expressing your concern!

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I have an external hard disk too, that I use for my weekly backup.

Great minds think alike! :vulcan_salute:

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