Nature crafts put into a movie

Hi Everyone
I’m going to take a break and turn off the daily messages.
We have a busy time at the moment as junior is moving from UK to US and meanwhile preparing his wedding by videocalls and seeing how much difference there is in tradition between Belgium and the US.
But to end i’l at 2 finished works: The art academy had his last class and we got the task to make a reel of video to put on Facebook, instagram, twitter, tiktok or so to promote our work.
*The first one is a 4 wood panel mixed media craft to celebrate the four elements.
*The second was a coincidental encounter with nature and this is how some drawings, paintings and a mixed media photoframe were created
I cannot upload a movie so here is the link to a lettucecraft drive
or a QR code

See you all back mid october


Your artwork is gorgeous!
May all the changes go well and may you enjoy them.
Veel geluk voor jou en je dierbaren!
See you back in autumn!

(could you post a couple still photos of the art to go w/ the video link?)

Good luck with your exciting life stuff-- hope it all goes well!

4 elements project

To the woods

We had no plans
When we cycled direction the woods
Drove until the well-carved path
became a small path that wasn’t safe to drive onto
Parked our bikes and walked into the wood
led by the sound of sunlight,
drawing pictures through the deck of tree tops
the path led us up and down
Not sparing my bones
yet bringing us an enormous gift
A blue sea appeared on top of the hill
The ground was filled with thousands of blue flowers
singing together like an ever blue choir

A beautiful place
where my mind found rest
letting me breathe again
from the rush of life
Calming my racing thoughts
Bringing me back to the now
Enjoying the intensity of the moment

These are the photo s in the movie.


Love the artwork, both the 4 elements and that accompany the poem. Hope all goes well, will be thinking of you :smiley:

Beautiful work, every piece! I found myself drawn to the altered photos.