Need Help Finding Supply - Towels Suitable for Cross Stitch

OK, so my Corning Ware obsession has led me to the download of a PDF file of the Blue Cornflower emblem that I now MUST emblazon on some kitchen towels ASAP!

I have a 4 pack of brand new flour sack towels I got on sale at Kroger (of all places! LOL!) a while back, but…I don’t know how to cross stitch without ‘counting’ aka using an Aida-cloth type fabric.

Sooo…where can I buy blank towels with at least a border of cross stitch-like material, if not the whole towel made of a more loose-woven boxy pattern? I’ve tried searching on my own, and I’m only finding books or patterns or finished towels others have already made. I need blank, white towels.

Help? I don’t know if asking about this kind of a thing is ‘allowed’ here, but I hope so, because I need help! If not, please message me links or something, but here’s to hoping this topic is allowed to stay up :smiley:


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I have seen washcloths but no towels, unfortunately. Would you be okay with pinning some waste canvas to the flour sack towels, and cross-stitching them that way? That stuff is at most of the bigger craft stores.


Ditto with the waste canvas idea!

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Waste canvas for sure. It is easy to use and dissolves.

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Waste canvas or dissolvable canvas is a good option. Alternatively you can also buy aida band and then sew this band on the towel. This works well for cross stitched borders.


I’ve only seen towels with cross-stitch bands like this: Guest Towel

or you could use linen?

Another vote for waste canvas here

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Agree!!! Waste canvas!!

I think this is going to be my best option, I think this is what my husband was trying to describe to me in his non-needlecrafter vocabulary :rofl::joy:

Going to check out my best-priced option for this and see where it takes me! Thanks, everyone!

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Can’t wait to see the finished towels!

I’ve seen this kind of item at Joann Fabrics. If you don’t have one near you, maybe you could get it on line? Good luck!

I would go with the waste canvas - I used it to do cross stitch on a linen stocking this year. Yes, it is possible to count with linen and um well I do like to do it, but it is painfully slow. Waste canvas is a lot quicker. Huck Towel fabric would also work. Very absorbant as well. the bigger craft stores have it, or amazon.

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