Nerd Games Charm set and Bracelet

I keep taking the charms out and looking at them. I love them so much. And I’m proudly wearing my bracelet. If we get more players, I may need to do another swap with you! :wink: :heart:

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Maybe the charms will entice people!

not so evil laugh

We can totally do another swap!

Glad you love your bracelet!

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@Lynx2Lancer, I hope one day I can visit you and I’ll just sit there the entire time and watch you do all the wonderful crafts you do! These are awesome! I love how you personalized them!

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@storerboughtcreation reached out to me for something special for the Nerd Games, and we chatted back and forth and decided this was the perfect idea for charms.

I hope one day you can visit too. It would be cool if you could come visit and drive with me to the IN meetup we’re talking about in August.


@Lynx2Lancer, tell me more about the IN meetup for August…

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You have been busy! Great job on all that stamping and the braclet is wonderful.

Such a thoughtful and generous thing to do for the nerd games!

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