Nerd Games Discussion Thread - 2021

Ok. I’m pretty sure I figured out the problem. For anyone that was having issues viewing their checklist, it should be working now. Let me know if it’s not!


Its working for me. Thanks a bunch!


I don’t see mine listed

You are now! Sorry, I missed adding you and @geekgirl to the roster. I apologize! You’re there now and should be able to view your checklist.


thank you!

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So no one misses it. We have another round of Swaps being discussed!



Frankenstein is jealous that his younger brother is the team mascot, so he decided to step in for the season wrap up :blush:

Thank you for participating in another season of the Nerd Games! This season, we had 12 active players! A total of 164 projects were posted, including 8 big time projects, and 4 research projects!

Here is where each team stands for the season:

Team Players Projects Points Average
Running with Scissors 4 66 2320 580
Knotty by Nature 3 54 2010 670
Paletteable Art 1 2 80 80
Bits and Bobs 4 42 1060 265

Congratulations team Knotty by Nature on your win!

Battle Royale Results:

April # Results
Ready Made 1
Some Assembly Required 6 WINNER!
May # Results
Garden Flowers 5 WINNER!
Wild Flowers 2
June # Results
Fabric 2
Yarn 4 WINNER!

You can find your individual tracking sheet and the team roster here

Raffle Info

You can find the information about raffle prizes here, and your ticket totals here. The raffle entry form is located just below the ticket total table. Just copy and paste the table into a PM to me. Please be sure to include how your ticket total along with your bids on each prize. I will message you if I have any questions.

As always, if you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to contact me! Craft on, Nerds! :nerd_face:

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So maybe copying the table doesn’t work? Just be sure you make your prize choice and tickets bid clear when you submit! Please and thank you :blush:

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Usually I add a link to the new season in my tracking update, and I realize I forgot to. I thought I’d share it so that you can find it easier.

Friendly reminder to get your raffle ticket bids in by 11:59PM Central Time today! Most of you have sent me a message, but several of you still have a few hours left to submit your bids. The drawing will be tomorrow, later in the day. I am taking Mr SBC on a surprise birthday trip, so I will hold the drawing after I get home.


Raffle winners listed below. If you won a prize, please contact the prize donor with your mailing information by July 20, 2021. If you a donated prize and it is not claimed by July 21, please contact @storerboughtcreation. Donors, please try to have the raffle prize mailed out by the end of July. If you are unable to do so, please keep the prize winner and storerboughtcreation updated.

Prize Winner
Mini bureau kit (donated by Bunny1kenobi) @geekgirl
2 mini stamp sets, a house die set, and a layered background die set (donated by craftADDchick) @gozer
6 gelli print notecards (donated by geekgirl) @megwell
Two 2x4 inch mini assemblage canvases (donated by geekgirl) @Lynx2Lancer
$20 Amazon Gift Card (donated by gozer) @roler
C2C lined zipper pouch (donated by Lynx2Lancer) @Smeddley
Adorable Dinosaur (donated by roler) @bunny1kenobi
Crocheted Fox Cat (donated by smeddley) @ezrib
Crocheted Bunny (donated by smeddley) @storerboughtcreation
3D layered mandala hummingbird (donated by storerboughtcreation) @roler
Craft and Nerd themed plastic canvas (donated by storerboughtcreation) @ezrib

Thank you to everyone for such a fun season and so many great raffle prizes donated!


Yay!!! A cute Dino just in time for my new grandson! :hugs:


I’m such a sucker for @geekgirl’s work, and I won the mini canvases! Wooo!


My Nerds!!! Long time no see! I’m so glad the Nerd Games has carried on, and want to whole-heartedly thank the crew who took up the reins! I appreciate everyone who was so understanding of my abrupt absence in the before times, and am so glad the Games didn’t fizzle.

Thanks to bunny1kenobi and storer for reaching out, too, and catching me up! I’ve been so out of the loop, I didn’t even know LC existed until last week! :disappointed_relieved: I’m going to try to post some projects, and life is also Very Hectic, so I definitely won’t be able to be as involved as I used to be. I want craftiness and the Games to have a place in my life again, though! I’ve missed all of you and am glad to be back in some form!


Soooo happy to see you here again, LovelyMiss! We missed you too! :slight_smile: And no worries; whatever you have time for is fine. Looking forward to seeing some crafty goodness from you!

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Yay! Welcome back! We missed you!


YAAAAAY! So thrilled to see you back!!! :grin::star_struck::hugs:



So far this season, we have 9 active players! A total of 24 projects have been posted.

Here is where each team stands currently:

Team Players Projects Points Average
Running with Scissors 3 8 300 100
Knotty by Nature 4 13 400 100
Paletteable Art 0 0 0 0
Bits and Bobs 2 3 60 30

Battle Royale Results:

July # Results
Hotels 5 WINNER!
RVs 4
August # Results
September # Results

You can find your individual tracking sheet and the team roster here.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Craft on, Nerds! :nerd_face:


Last fall, we did different team names for the season. We had:

Resting Grinch Face
Gingerbread Mayhem
Up to Snow Good
Raking and Entering

We still have two months left of the summer season, but I’m starting to think ahead. Do we want to keep these team names, or come up with new ones?

  • Keep the normal team names
  • Change to the seasonal team names from last year
  • Let’s do completely new names!

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If you have suggestions for new names, please share!

Last year, @bluebird provided us with fun extra prompts with her advent calendar. Bluebird, would you want to do the same or something similar again this fall?

And one last thing… Team Paletteable Art doesn’t seem too popular. Do we want to drop to three teams only during our normal seasons? Or do you have a suggestion for a team name in place of paletteable art? If you have any suggestions for team names or fun activities we could do as a group that will keep things fun and active, please share your ideas!

I am not opposed to dropping Paletteable Art team as we currently have a small active group.

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