Nerd Games Discussion Thread - 2021

Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day of April. You have about 5.5 hours to get in your battle if you’re trying to craft as much as possible for more raffle tickets. Monkey says to put on your zoomie face and get crafting! :joy:



So far this season, we have 8 active players! A total of 38 projects have been posted, including 2 big time projects, and 3 research projects!

Here is where each team stands currently:

Team Players Projects Points Average
Running with Scissors 2 12 440 220
Knotty by Nature 3 11 360 120
Paletteable Art 2 9 330 165
Bits and Bobs 5 14 490 98

Battle Royale Results:

April # Results
Ready Made 1
Some Assembly Required 6 WINNER!
May # Results
Garden Flowers
Wild Flowers
June # Results

You can find your individual tracking sheet and the team roster here

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Craft on, Nerds! :nerd_face:


This may just be a problem on my computer, but when I tried to check my tracking sheet, I got an error message from Google Sheets about not having permission to view it. Not a big deal – I was just confirming my official Zap count – but I wanted to flag it.

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Thanks. I hit something weird and I knew it messed something up, but couldn’t figure out what. I will try to fix it in the morning. Thank you for the heads up!