Nerd Games - Summer 2020

Prompt: July - Tall Grasses
Team: :yarn:
Project Name: window cat
Project Link: Window cat cross stitch
Brief Description: A window hides or screens things, especially when curtains or blinds are used. I made this because I loved the design. :heart: :cat2:
Project Photo:


Prompt: July: Clover
Team: Palletable Art
Project Name: Key Lime Cupcakes
Brief Description: They are very green.
Project Photo:

Prompt: July: Tall Grass
Team: Palletable Art
Project Name: Mini Air Fried Chorizo Empanadas
Brief Description: These empanadas “hide” the chorizo inside.
Project Photo:


Seriously going to have to find a gluten free cupcake recipe and make this happen.


Prompt: Research Project Number 1
Team: Paletteable Art
Project Name: Soccer Jersey Quilt
Brief Description: A commemorative quilt made lovingly of my daughter’s soccer jerseys. This is my first ever t-shirt quilt!
Project Photo:

*I have blurred out identifying logos for safety.

*(I am putting it here as Big Time because I started it last games and finished it here in summer games. Since it was such a big project and it was out of my hands at the LQS for over a month last games, I wasn’t able to finish it there. Time wise it’s definite a Research project, but since I only did the hand binding during the summer games so I wasn’t sure…if it can be a Research project, let me know.)-- edited: thanks SBC, I’ve changed to research.


It can totally be a research project. You just need to have worked on it for 30 minutes of the current season.

Some people (me for one!), have taken more than a year to finish a research project. I haven’t updated tracking yet, so if you’d like to change it to a research project, feel free to!

Also, super awesome job!! The quilt looks amazing!


Thanks!!! I changed it in my post.

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Prompt: Cultivated borders (July Battle)
Team: Running with Scissors
Project Name: Lady’s secretary
Project Link: Ladies Secretary
Brief Description: I made this just for ME! I put it into this category because you have to be quite precise and careful with miniatures. Tiny things have smaller margins for error. So you might say the borders are pretty cultivated!
Project Photo(s):


Prompt: Big Time # 1
Team: Paletteable Art
Prompt Name: Leggings to Tank Top Transformation
Brief Descripton: Over two days, I figured out how to transform a pair of leggings, a pair of jeggings, and some black cotton fabric into this tank top!
Project Photo:


Prompt: July - Shrubbery
Team: Knotty by Nature
Project Name: Cactus embroidery
Project Link: Cactus Embroidery
Brief Description: Cactus are scratchy, just like bushes… Well, maybe pokey is a better description. Having been stabbed by a barrel cactus, I can attest they hurt.

I made this for Mr. SBC. Cacti are one of the few things we miss from our time in Phoenix.
Project Photo(s):


Your art journalling is fabulous! Makes me want to dabble in mixed media again…
I also need to make some pouches AND some more dishcloths, man, I am so behind on my crafting! :smiley:

Yup, bingo was pick your own card!
Those hangers look nice, and I bet they hold clothes better than the awful plastic ones I have… that keep breaking… grrr…
I’ve always wanted to make cute food, but I"m too impatient (and maybe too hungry) so I just drool over other people’s creations, though those almost look too cute to eat!

Ah, ATCs, I need to make some of those, I miss that. Yours are so cute! And the justification for the clover is clever and hilarious!

Oooh, I love those boxes! And I see the tidbits have already started piling up… :smiley: Welcome to the games!

Ah, awesome sewing projects!
Also, so much yes to Animal Crossing themed things, I cannot stop playing that game!
I also want to try my hand at a t-shirt quilt at some point, yours turned out fabulous!
And yay for clothing transformations! Sewing on stretchy fabric still scares me… :smiley:

You are a crocheting MACHINE! Amazing, as always!
AND your cross-stitching is sublime!

Wow, that miniature secretary is… unbelievable. I love mini things, but don’t often have the patience for them!

Remember, Battle Prompts due tomorrow, July 31st, by midnight CST. New prompts will be posted Saturday morning!


The Ongoing ATC swap is going to be starting up :woman_shrugging:


So much art, so much fun :slight_smile:
I neglected my commenting again, but I did manage to craft a bit more this month.
Here’s the battle prompt craft, because July just slipped away. I’ll try to post the others soon too.

Prompt: July Battle - Cultivated Borders
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Cherry ring
Brief Description: We went cherry picking this month. To commemorate the day, I charted and beaded a cherry ring. The beads all line up in a very orderly fashion, not wild at all.
Project Photo: (so hard to take a proper picture of these rings)


Prompt: July Battle: Cultivated Borders
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Summer Canning- Dilly Beans and Amish Pepper Butter
Project Link: n/a
Brief Description: My canning buddy called to ask if I wanted to do a canning session last weekend. In spite of how hot it was, we ended up canning 2 batches of Amish Pepper Butter and 2 batches of Dilly Beans. The Amish Pepper Butter was made with Hungarian peppers that my friend picked from the cultivated rows at her CSA farm. The green beans were bought at a farm stand just over the border from my city to the next town.

Project Photo(s):


It’s late and it’s been a long week, so… I’m just going to post the battle at the last minute and run!

Prompt: July Battle: Wild Native Plantings
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Beak of the Plague Doctor Mask(s)
Project Link: Beak of Plague Doctor Mask
Brief Description: More info in the link about how this came to be (click it, you know you want to!) but needless to say I took a pattern I found and ran WILD with it! Going back to some NATIVE roots of masks with the original Plague Doctor!

Project Photo(s):


Prompt: July Battle: Wild Native Plantings
Team: Running with Scissors
Project Name: Fox ATC
Project Link: My First ATCs
Brief Description:
Cute little wild animal card!
Project Photo:


You can view the tracking update in the discussion thread!


New Prompts Posted! Check out Prompt Palace for more details (and sorry - but no also not sorry - if the theme has been done before, it’s a favorite of mine…)


Prompt: August: Nurse
Team: Paletteable Art
Project Name: Wedding Card
Brief Description: This wedding card is being given away to someone with their quilt wedding gift!
Project Photo:

Prompt: August: Great White Shark
Team: Paletteable Art
Project Name: Slow Movin' Sloths atcs
Brief Description: Sloths are great. 'nuff said.
Project Photo:


Prompt: Zap #1
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Passing on the Zipper Pouch Love!
Project Link: Passing on the Zipper Pouch Love!

Brief Description: My sister has been learning to sew, and while she’s tackled some relatively complex projects, she had never sewn in a zipper before. I had planned to teach her a couple of years ago, but we ran out of time. We finally had time yesterday! I kept it simple with a basic zipper pouch, which is quick to sew. I did show her how to swap the zipper pulls (using a fork), and I added a extra bit of zipper on to mine as a grab tab. It’s a Zap because I had the fabric all cut and ready to go, so the actual hands on time was minimal.

Project Photo(s):



That’s a really cool way to display and store your fiber bits!

Such fun colors. It’ll make taking out the recycles “almost” fun!

This blanket is absolutely gorgeous. And the window cat cross stitch is lovely.

Yum yum yum.
The tshirt quilt is pretty awesome. Love the soccer fabric.

I love this so much.

So cute!

Yum sounds good!

Next time I do a zipper I’m going to try your fork tip