Nerd Games - Winter 2020

I just realized I missed some earlier posts! Oops!

@Lynx2Lancer – I love the Games Charms! Those are so cool and such a sweet thought. I am so excited to hopefully get one! Nerd Games Love!!!

@roler – Mmmm. That apple cakes looks delicious. I bet it is scrumptious in the winter with a cup of coffee. Awe, that sloth is adorable! I love the fun background and the innocent expression on his face.

@AcadianDriftwood – I have never had Deviled Eggs but I bet those were tasty to people who like eggs.

@FrizzyTyger – Sour dough bagels sound amazing. The look like they have a good texture to the crust.


@QueenHobo Yarn is my kryptonite. LOL! I can’t do anything with it. But your shawl is amazing and thank you for the offer. I bet others will want to know the brand.

The yarn is scheepjes whirl ombré in coral catastrophe. It’s about $30 a cake but it only took one to make the whole shawl. I just saw another color called lavenderlicious that I may need to splurge and get soon! :joy:


Prompt: January: Learn a New Skill
Team: Running with scissors
Project Name: knitted dishcloth
Project Link: knitted dishcloth
Brief Description: I’ve known how to crochet for years. This year I wanted to learn to knit and I feel I have the knit stitch and casting down. Still need a little practice but I call this dishcloth done. Spent a lot of time taking out stitches and just needed to be done and have a finished product to feel accomplished. next knitted item will probably be a scarf.


:crystal_ball: I predict a lot of posts today.
Jumping into this round of the games, in our lovely new home.
Prompt: January Battle - Resolutions
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Baby (puppy) steps
A lot of people make huge resolutions for the new year, and usually drop most of them by the time February comes around. I made this ring to remind me to take things one step at a time. Not to try to Do All The Things at once, but to keep going.


Okay, I’ve looked through all the amazing projects and just can’t comment right now - so overwhelmed by everyone’s talent! Welcome back, previous player, and welcome new players! It’s going to be a great year of Nerd Games!

Choosing a team this season was one of the hardest things! I love sewing, and the name Running with Scissors… I am definitely into crocheting and knitting, so am Knotty by Nature. I do art on occasion, so would fit in with Palettable Art… so in the end, I had to go catch-all…

Prompt: January Battle - Status Quo
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Crochet Bat
Project Link: Little Bat
Brief Description: Made for a private swap at the demise of the site that shall not be named, I definitely got the better end of the deal in this swap! No, seriously, check out what I got - Shark ATCs!!! Anyway, this is a pattern I’d made before, in a craft I’ve been doing for… goodness, WELL over 30 years…
Project Photo(s):

Prompt: January - Save Money
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Nest Hoop
Project Link: Bird Nest Hoop
Brief Description: Made for the last swap to start on the site that shall not be named, this Bird’s Nest Hoop is a mish-mash of crafts and made completely from stash.
Project Photo(s):

Prompt: January - Learn a New Skill (or not!)
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Tiny Crochet Bear
Project Link: Teeny Tiny Crochet Bear
Brief Description: When in doubt, crochet something. It’s what I keep returning to, time and time again!
Project Photo(s):

I have a few more things to post, but am too lazy to download pictures from my phone right now (it’s been a LONG week). I promise to get the new prompts up tomorrow morning (central US time…)!


Prompt: January Battle- Resolutions
Team: Bits and Bobs

Project Name: Road Trip Dishcloth

Project Link: Road Trip Dishcloth (with pattern)

Brief Description: This year, I am trying to craft from my stash as much as possible, and also work through my very large WIP pile (which includes projects I’ve bought materials for but haven’t officiall started). Since I was going to be away from home for a night while attending a curriculum training, I figured my Road Trip Dishcloth pattern would be something easy to occupy my time after the training was finished for the day. I was pretty tired when I made it, and had to redo several rows because I kept losing stitches, so it took me almost 2 hours to make! The yarn was already in my stash, so it was essentially free for me to make!

Project Photo(s):


I love this yarn color! What is it? Also, knitted washcloths are a great way to learn new stitches and skills. You can use them as washcloths, or you can attach them together to make a sampler blanket.

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There is a tracking update over in the discussion thread. Click here to go straight to the post.

It’s Hobby Lobby,s I Love This Cotton. I believe it’s the Harvest color. Their cotton yarn is so soft.

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I am going to add dishcloths to my February Thing A Day…I do want to learn more crochet stitches. I feel confident knitting but in crochet, I know the basics.

Nice color!


This looks rad - rainbow on black is awesome!

Really beautiful… this shawl is like a permanent hug for your Aunt. :heart_decoration:

Lovely reminder, that’s an important one for us all!

ADORABLE oh I love this little bat!!

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Prompt: Big Time #2
Team: :running_woman::scissors:
Project Name: Wifi Password Embroidery
Project Link: Wifi Password LOTR style
Brief Description: With pattern making, stitching, and framing this piece took over 8 hours total.
Project Photo(s):

Prompt: Zap #1
Team: :running_woman::scissors:
Project Name: Asian-inspired Dressing
Project Link: Sesame garlic ginger salad dressing
Brief Description: Tasty recipe in the link!
Project Photo(s):


Prompt: February: Vultures
Team: Running with scissors
Project Name: master board.
Project Link: master board
Brief Description: I made a master board this morning. They take me around 30-45 minutes. In addition to all the normal artsy supplies you’d expect I also used drywall tape, spackling, used credit card, notebook paper hole protectors, bottle caps, and make up sponges.


What a cool way to start off February!

Prompt: February - Hawk
Team: Knotty by Nature
Project Name: Fox biscornu
Project Link: Ring o' Foxes biscornu
Brief Description: Trying to work the back stitching and then whip stitching the edges together required a few breaks for my eyes. Good grief, I must be getting old. I think I need to invest in a magnifier, because I was going cross eyed on this one. This is for @QueenHobo
Project Photo(s):

There are more photos in the project link.


Prompt: February - Waterfowl
Team: R w S
Project Name: Shark ATCs
Project Link: Shark ATCs
Brief Description: My subject matter, sharks, need water to survive. These ATCs where done for a personal swap with Smeddley.
Project Photo(s):


Prompt: February - Songbirds
Team: Palettable Art
Project Name: Domino Pendants
Project Link: Domino Pendants
Brief Description: Small and brightly colored pendants made from Dominos
Project Photo(s):

Prompt: January - Destress
Team: Palettable Art
Project Name: Small Mountain Mixed Media
Project Link: Small Mountain Mixed Media
Brief Description: This is a small mixed media was made for the Little good things swap. The background technique of using patterns with a separate drawing laid over is super relaxing and almost meditative in a way.
Project Photo(s):


So far behind, so I will just say: AMAZING CRAFTING SO FAR EVERYONE!! What a start to 2020!!

And … tada… my first post in a loooooong time. Had to think a bit out of the box! :wink:

Prompt: Battle Royale - February - Squirrels
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Cub Scouts Core Badges
Project Link: n/a
Brief Description: *The wonderful situation of having both Twins in the Scout Organisation. They have just been invested in the Cub Scouts before Christmas, and I didn’t feel up for sewing on two sets of 5 (!!!) core badges onto their new jumpers… But I knew I had to do it, and so tonight it was … while waiting for the Super Bowl LIV to start.

You probably think “why squirrels?” Well, last year at our Leaders (yup, I’m a Beaver leader) we got the news that a new age group would be added to the Scouting Movement, for 4-6 year olds. They are called “Squirrels” and are currently getting trialled in Ireland and England. So that’s my pick for/link to “Squirrels” - doing some work for Scouts. :wink:

It took me 1.5 hours to sew these on… and they’re not straight … who thought up the whole thing of sewing them on the arms?!!*

Project Photo(s):


Prompt: Vulture
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Sunset Fabric Rope Wreath
Project Link: It's a Sunset Fabric Rope Wreath and Tutorial (for both the wreath and fabric rope)
Brief Description: Scrappy Fabric Rope Wreath