New Box, New Swatch

Recently, I got a brand new fresh box of colored pencils. Such a relaxing afternoon was had creating a swatch I then taped to the underside of the lid!

Here’s what I’ve not figured out about colored pencils yet…how to get that deep saturation I sometimes see? I’ll figure it out…one day.


A brand new box of colored pencils…. I love that feeling of cracking it open- the smell, the newness, how sharp they are, and all of that latent potential….!

A swatch is a fantastic idea!

What a fun swatch!!

Always nice to have your colors swatched!

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Ooo a swatch is a good idea!

I know that if I use my Prismacolors I can get them to not have the paper showing through if I use the heck out of the blending colored pencil that they have.

I’m still not great with my Bruynzeel pencils, but that seems to be a matter of pressure. I haven’t worked with my new Cretacolor pencils yet. Swatch time!

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Swatching and blending new pencils and colors is always so nice.

Depending on your artwork colorless blender could work.

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Very cool idea, I’ll have to look into that!

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I’ve never thought of doing a swatch for colored pencils! I always just have to have a scrap piece of paper ready to test them out. This would save me a lot of time!


Right?? I made one for my small tin and it was pretty great. Now to move onto the bigger one.

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My daughter hasn’t switched to the way I do it either. She doesn’t like the way I do anything! :laughing: