New Home, New Yarn, New Hat

One of my top priorities when I moved to my new home was to find all of the local yarn shops. One is right around the corner…so when I visited, I had to get some new yarn. I decided to make a new hat, the first knitting I have had a chance to do since the move. I had enough to make some matching mitts as well.


I love that yarn

So pretty! I wear the socks and the fingerless gloves you made me all the time.

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I plan on being much more active now that I am retired and happy in my location! I have missed you all!

@AIMR we missed you, too! Glad to have you back with us and knitting away.

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Wonderful! There is nothing as fun as exploring a new town and finding just what you need to make you feel right at home <3.

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Pretty sure I hearted this twice. Maybe three times.

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They look great!

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I love all the tonal variations - gorgeous project!

I love it! I can’t knit a hat that fits. If my life depended on it, I’d be in big trouble. I have no idea what the deal is. My gauge will be spot on, but they never ever work. Kudos on this. It’s an awesome hat!

Beautiful hat and mitts! Glad you’re still knitting.
Psst. Need more yarn? :wink:

I love all the neutral tones, fantastic yarn pick!

I’m so jealous of everyone who can knit. These are gorgeous!

Great yarn. Well done Friend!

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Beautiful! lovely tones in that yarn, even if it isn’t blue.

Is that a rhetorical question? ha ha ha Who would say “no”? I am not nuts.

I hope you saw all of the lovely things I knit with the yarn you gave me.

I did, which is why I knew the yarns would be much happier with you :laughing:

Message me with your current addy and some yarn will magically appear on your door step. Happy to enable, as usual :wink:

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Not only is it a great colorway on its own, it’ll go with just about anything.

Thanks…it is Berroco Sesame yarn…a combo of wool, nylon and cotton…the first time I used it…I have another colorway as well but I have decided I need three more skeins to make a pretty nice sized scarf…I tend to wear bright colors…this hat was really intended for hubby but it was too big so I adopted it and will probably pass it on to someone

Is it possible for us to go into a craft/yarn store and NOT buy anything? I mean, it has happened to me, but that’s because I was in there two days before and got what I wanted XD

The hat looks really comfy, and the fingerless glove (not sure if it can be called that) also looks amazing :smiley: Great yarn