New Year, New Rosaries

I love making rosaries. This started out as using up some stash, and ended with me buying more beads/findings and just making more rosaries. I also fixed/refurbished a couple that had some damage or had all-out been torn apart and fed to a dinosaur robot (kids do the weirdest things!).

Medals replaced (citrine, quartz, brass, Miraculous medal):

Rescued from the belly of the beast…er…robot (jade, pink opal, brass, Miraculous medal):

Beads rescued from robot (jade, silver-tone and red lacquer, Saint Michael medal, single decade):

Single decade, Miraculous medal, lepidolite, silver-tone:

4-Way cross, Miraculous medal, silver-tone, faceted blue sunstone:

Aquamarine, green aventurine, dyed jasper, blue tiger eye, lapis lazuli, hematite, silver-tone and blue lacquer:

And, finally, a set of pink opal rosaries (five and single decade), Saint Michael medals, silver-tone and red lacquer:


They all turned out absolutely gorgeous! The one with the citrine beads is my favourite, but they are all really nice. I like the colour combination of jade and pink opal as well.

I have an rosary that needs fixing, I’d never even thought of doing that myself. Maybe I should dig it out and figure out the options (and proscrastinate a few years).

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Thank you! Citrine is so warm, like little drops of sunshine.

Fixing it would be a nice gift to yourself!

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They are all lovely! I can almost feel the smooth slide of each bead in my fingers…brings back many memories.

They will be comforting to use and pretty to admire.


Oooh, that citrine one! They are all very beautiful.

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Aquamarine, aventurine, lapis…. That one is my fave! All those sweet and complimentary cool tones…. So pretty!


Thanks, everybody!


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Thank you!

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