Nutella Cookie Butter Cups

Who doesn’t love Nutella? Or cookie butter? I also made some with white chocolate with the sole purpose of better showing off the wrappers :laughing:

And because my friend has been bugging me to make him one of these, a giant R2D2!

Recipe was from here, although I used regular chocolate instead of almond bark, eyeballed the Nutella, and had to add a splash of almond milk to the filling because it was too dry.


That looks delicious!

I love Nutella! These look scrumptious!

Yummy stuff, and of course you have to highlight the wrappers :grin:
Is the R2D2 also filled?

Those are so fun!

perfect use of the wrappers and OMG YUM! Nutella is my fave! And the R2D2 is adorbs

I remain deeply confused by cookie butter, but these look pretty good.

Wait - these are Nutella AND Cookie Butter?!? Together? Is that legal?


Yes indeed, except for his feet.

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Cookie butter is basically speculaas/speculoos cookies (a type of spicy shortbread) smashed up and made into a paste. It’s a similar texture to Nutella.

I mean, I know what it is & have had it; I just don’t quite get why it’s a thing. (you’re crushing up a baked good to spread on your baked goods, what??)

…don’t mind me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I’m sorry, I thought you were asking what it was :zipper_mouth_face:

No worries! (Is there an emoji for “this is an existential problem, not a request for information”??)

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These look amazing! And don’t worry @thanate I don’t get Cookie Butter either :woman_shrugging:

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