Old Jeans, New Baskets

My husband goes through jeans like nobody’s business. Sometimes I patch them. Sometimes I cut them up and make patches. And I have an ungodly amount waiting in the wings to be made into a dungaree quilt (eventually he’ll nag me enough that I’ll get around to it).

But then I saw video tutorials on how make corded baskets, and well…

I kind of became obsessed.

I still have half a leg left to make another small one.


What a cool idea! Bet they are super sturdy, too.

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what a cool idea – so useful!
great way to upcycle~
(also, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

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Great idea!

Great way to reuse! Well done.

Love this! I have been thinking lately about how to recycle clothing and for some reason never thought of baskets like these. Thanks for sharing!

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Ooo I also have a pile of denim to upcycle - never thought to use it for cord baskets! Thanks for the idea!

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And yes, great baskets! It is nice to recycle and upcycle. Good work!

(I have a lot of old jeans too and made a pillow and a seat cover and potholders with those scraps)


Very cool! And yay for recycling :herb:

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I’m really loving these with the denim! Great baskets. Now I need to find where I stashed my kids’ old jeans.
Welcome aboard!

Love those!

Great job recycling - These are wonderful!

I really like the look of these!

Reusing old jeans is wonderful :smiley: and I completely understand that you’ve become obsessed :smiley: