Ongoing ATC swap- October 2020

I claim @Lynx2Lancer for a Mia tribute, due 11/6.

Claims (total for the month): 4
Sent (in transit): 3
Received: 2
Outstanding: 2

I’m Megan in Indiana, USA. Nothing political, preachy, Covid-related, or shedding glitter, please. I’m not a fan of vulgarity for vulgarity’s sake, but if you’ve got a great quotation you want to use with a swear word or something in it, go for it. (Except the c-word; no time for that.) I’ve started keeping my cards in sleeves in a binder, so I appreciate low bulk, but that’s not a deal-breaker.

Here are my themes this month:

-Something for my TV Sleuths collection! Send me your fave, or I can provide a list of some of mine.
-artist’s choice
-Poe’s “The Raven”
-the Count from Sesame Street
-tall tales/fairy tales/nursery rhymes
-the motto “I can do hard things.”
-InspiroBot quotation:
-adult merit badge
-currently reading/current musical jam
-misheard song lyrics
-snark (general, housewives, Statler and Waldorf, whatever)
-a card in a style/technique you’ve wanted to try

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I claim @megwell for tbd

2 total claims - 1 in progress, 0 in transit, 1 received

Kia ora! I’m Kirsten from far away Aotearoa / New Zealand. I prefer no shedding glitter please, but otherwise I’m pretty relaxed about what you send – as long as it gives you joy to make it!

My themes:

  • birds (esp. swallows, british/european robins)
  • pandas
  • chameleons
  • frogs
  • favourite quotes (esp. about art, creativity, or writing)
  • postage stamps
  • retro sci-fi (e.g. rayguns, robots)
  • inspired by some of my fave writers – Borges, Kafka, Austen
  • InspiroBot quotes –
  • Godzilla
  • monogram K