Ongoing Wish Swap 2023

Is anyone up for a new round? I am itching for a simple fun swap.


I haven’t done an OWS swap before but I was just thinking I need to find a swap and this sounds like fun!

I’m starting to feel crafty again and I always love the swaps where I claim what I want to make :heart: I might be interested but I’ll probably stalk for a while to get a sense of what everyone is wishing for :slight_smile:

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Haven’t done one of these for years, I’d be up for it.

I love this swap, but because international mail costs and timings have gone up so much, I’m a bit worried international participation might hold things up too much. Hmmmm …

I think this could work if we all have things on our wish lists that are smaller or could be shipped flat. Maybe even put such things in a special section in our posts?

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Also, don’t forget supplies. We can send e-gift cards for that. I use that a lot for out of country since it gets there within a day. A mixture of items is always good!


I started the swap: