Ongoing Wish Swap Round 3 Spring Edition

I claim @mel . I don’t know what to make yet because I have 1000 ideas. I’ll probably sew something with a fox but don’t hold me to that yet!

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About me:

I’m Shannon. I live in the USA on the border of the California San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley with my family.

I don’t have pets or smoke.

I am TOTALLY up to surprises. If you are really good at a certain craft that isn’t on here please GO FOR IT! I’m sure I’d like it! In fact, this is my first choice!

Craft ideas for me:

  • I never figured out how to crochet and I love getting crocheted goodies! Especially cozies, slings and the like.
  • Book marks
  • Hand Made Paper
  • Anything leather-worked
  • Hand made little baskets – any medium, natural materials, recycled goods, anything
  • Anything to do with herbology, dried herbs or flowers, incense, natural oils, salves, soaps, lip balm, that sort of thing
  • Etched or colored glass
  • Things made out of wood.
  • Anything sewn. Especially cozies, slings and the like.

Supplies I could use:

  • Anything for epoxy resin casting
  • Colored wood stain (like Unicorn Spit Brand). I could use Blue.
  • Fun patterned bias tape
  • Fat Quarters of interesting fabric (You’re always safe with black and white and maybe purple!)
  • A new rotary cutter
  • I seem to go through exacto knives very quickly and can always use those in any size.
  • I go through a great deal of sand paper in all grades/grit and can always use more.
  • All of my sharpies seem to have dried out at the same time too and would love one of those.
  • Black, or Gray aida cloth since I think I’m going to take up cross stitch after a long break.
  • Any selection/ shades of DMC brand Floss


• I like the goth-industrial aesthetic (NOT HORROR though ) Black and white and silver are my favorite. Maybe a little purple = dope.
• I know it doesn’t seem compatible with above but I also like fantasy-foresty things. LOTR, Labyrinth, dragons, witchy things, renn fair, etc… so Browns and Greens, wood, leather, the 4 elements type stuff is also great!
• I know it doesn’t go with either of the above but I also like Kawaii - super duper duper crazy cute stuff. Crafted images of household stuff but with faces is my particular jam.
•Regional or unusual Gluten Free Snacks that won’t melt or spoil in the mail (It’s already hot here! and yes, Gluten-Free because that’s my life now.)
•Fat fuzzy bumblebees. Bumblebees are too fat to fly but they fly anyway. I identify with that.
•Things that change color always delight me
•Anything naturally floral, herbal or spice scented
•I love visual illusions or crazy hypnotic patterns. My favorite color is black and white checkerboard or argyle.

Here’s my Pinterest for ideas. There is a Lettuce Craft board there. Please do not feel the need make exact copies since these are just ideas of things I need/want.

Please note:
I am a fat woman. Even my feet and head are plus size! Clothing related items are always problematic and it may be safer to avoid that category altogether for me.

Here are my dislikes:
•Disney stuff (yes, there are a few exceptions. But in general it’s just not my cup of tea)
•Anything with Gluten because my kiddo just got diagnosed with celiac disease and gluten doesn’t enter this house anymore.
• Inspiring quotes

Thank you in advance!

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I claim @Fonduie for a surprise!

claims: 5
in transit: 3
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Kia ora! I’m Kirsten, I live in Aotearoa / New Zealand, in the beautiful Bay of Islands. I’m married and have no pets or children. No allergens or allergies here. I love writing fiction and making art, as well as sewing, knitting, and random crafting. My house is mostly plain white and grey, so black/white/grey/neutral or brightly coloured things can all work well.

Random List of Things I Like:-
art, pandas, frogs, retro sci-fi, chameleons, natural unbleached linen, Godzilla, wolves, aqua blues, handwritten letters, silver, handmade pottery, Japanese textiles and ceramics, mid-century modern, literary ephemera, indigo, polka dots, watercolours, birds, books and writing.

Things I’d rather not receive:-
Some things that are just not my cup of tea – please no gory/scary/horror, glitter, I do like cute and pretty things, but not anything too kiddie cutesy or very froufrou/girly/lacy (a bit of pink is A-OK though).

Also please don’t send natural/untreated materials (e.g. natural feathers, seeds, something made of driftwood), as biosecurity will destroy it at the border.

Crafted items
There’s loads of ideas on my pinterest, but feel free to make whatever you like your way and put your own creative spin on it. I love handmade things from my Lettuce friends!

  • cushion/throw pillow – send unstuffed and I can fill it – I have a few ideas here, but feel free to make whatever you like, any size or shape
  • table runner/long placemat – colour suggestions: black/grey or blue and white (to go with blue willow) or green/blue/purple. I am relaxed about dimensions (it’s an average 6 seater rectangular table)
  • set of napkins – colour suggestions: blue and white, or red gingham, or green/leafy design, or something else you think I’d like.
  • a kitchen thing (apron, potholder, teatowel) – Some ideas for themes – red and retro, or blue willow/blue and white pattern, or arty black and white graphic, or turquoise with red accents (gingham? cherries?), or something fun
  • crafted organising things for art supplies and stationery etc. – fabric folders, pouches, tins, cups, boxes, things with compartments
  • handmade/handprinted stationery – letters, cards, notepads, I use it all
  • v-neck or scoop neck t-shirt, size L, black or medium to dark colour, decorated by you in some way (stencil, applique, embroidery, paint, whatever you like! doesn’t have to be elaborate)
  • something Godzilla, esp. retro, Japanese
  • something inspired by the Frog and Toad books
  • do something with a quote about art, creativity, writing, inspiration, etc.
  • an embroidered/cross stitched piece – please send unframed/hoopless as I like to turn these into things I can use and enjoy, like cushion covers and tote bags
  • wallet/coin purse/small bag, there’s a variety of styles in my pinterest
  • any surprise inspired by my pinterest

Special wish
Something for my hubby, he is having a big birthday in a few months. He’s a gamer and loves Morrisey (his music, not his opinions), Star Wars, LOTR.
Things he’d like – size L t-shirt (fave colours dark grey, red), mug rug, cushion cover, desk accessory (pen jar, notepad)
Themes he’d like – classic Star Wars, Death Star; Morrisey; They Might Be Giants; LOTR, esp. the books; Final Fantasy, chocobos, moogles, tonberrys; New York (we had a wonderful holiday there); classic black Doc Martens.
If you want to make him something, I’m happy to supply more ideas.

Most of all – make something that gives you joy to make!! For me, that is the most important thing about swapping here.


  • fabric – natural linen, Echino prints, something cool and arty, pretty FQs
  • vintage haberdashery – buttons (esp. glass), trims, velvet ribbons, old wooden spools
  • stationery/things for Happy Mail – I like fancy paper, letterpress, retro, stickers, vintage
  • Japanese pattern books for little sewn/quilted items or embroidery – modern or vintage. (I don’t mind if they’re not translated, diagrams/drawings are enough.) Things like Yoko Saito, Ondori (quirky, arty, cute or modern things rather than traditional florals, as I have a lot of traditional floral patterns already).
  • My Small World Jen Kingwell Quilt Pattern
  • e-gift vouchers:- -
    Stitchbird fabric shop -
  • cool paper ephemera, foreign language book pages, postage stamps, vintage ads, etc.
  • stencils and stamps for mixed media art, e.g. letters and numbers, organic textures, raindrops, handwriting, vintage. Not so much motifs, more backgrounds and textures. I would love a stamp with swallows/birds in flight.

Art supplies wishes …

  • a tube or two of Daniel Smith watercolours, any colour you like
    watercolor tubes
    (pick a colour you like and I’ll paint you a little picture with it)
  • Derwent Paint Pens
  • Sakura Micron pens, black, in different sizes, especially the smaller sizes
  • Sakura or Uniball Signo white gel pens

NB. Unfortunately, I have now discovered that Blick charges exorbitant prices to ship internationally, so if you wanted to gift art supplies via a voucher, or would be the most cost effective. Or, the biggest NZ art supplies dealer is Gordon Harris - you can order something from them to be delivered.

Misc extras

  • leftovers/partial skeins of wool or wool blend sock/sport weight yarn in green, purple, blue, or grey. I’m making a granny square blanket, I can use anything longer than about 3 metres (10 feet)
  • no snacks, no sugar please
  • I do enjoy all kinds of tea

10 flat things that I would love that you could mail as a letter or large envelope :love_letter:

  • piece of embroidery or cross stitch (unframed)
  • mug rug, pair of coasters
  • some nice stationery, little notebooks
  • supplies for mixed media art - vintage ephemera, tags, postage stamps, foreign language book pages, vintage book illustrations
  • flat fabric pouch, small fabric folder/notebook cover
  • embroidery iron-on transfers in a theme you think I’d like
  • handmade wrist cuff
  • an embroidered or painted fabric patch I could use to embellish clothing
  • an embroidered or painted brooch/pin (I can add the pin to the back to keep it flatter)
  • funky earrings (on a hook rather than stud)

Thank you!!

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I claim @jemimah for a sewn organizer of some sort.

Claims: 3
Received: 0

Hello, my name is Linda. I am retired and living in the beach community of Wilmington, NC, USA. I am married to a wonderful man who loves to shop and cook, and he even likes to do laundry! He loves to play music and is proficient in guitar and drums. This is great because it leaves me time to spend a lot of time doing what I love: craft and garden!

I downsized a lot when I moved. It is a wonderful feeling when you realize how few things you really need to be comfortable and happy. I am so glad that I have my craft room full of supplies, because I don’t have to brave the outside world to get a project done.

I love this swap because it is low pressure, and I am often inspired to make things that I don’t need or want, but that others might love!

My list is going to be short compared to others.

My themes : Halloween, winter holiday (reindeer, trees, snowmen), gardening, insects, snakes and reptiles, mushrooms, cactus or any plant, sea life/beach

I want pieces that express you in some way…do your thing!

Things I love:

Bookmarkers—I am reading a lot while in retirement, so these are handy as well as anything book related, like covers for paperbacks so I can carry them to the beach!

4x6 art in any medium

Fabric journal pages, 4x6 size

TM patches

Slow stitch pieces

Hoops…felt, stitched, even cool fabrics! I would like pieces that fit my themes, you know, like birds, plants, bugs…or even my favorite fandoms: Dr. Who, Star Trek, Stranger Things,

Tags, tickets, or stuff to decorate my journals

Master boards to use as backgrounds for my stuff

Tree ornaments

Bird anything


Felt magnets, badges, hoops…I love felt!

Shrines or little decorative pieces I can put on my desk–even supplies to decorate my own…I like odd little trinkets to inspire me to make a display, so if you have a weird object, one sheep, etc. I will love it!

ATC triples…I love the 3 piece sets!

Dotees, prayer flags, and Ninni monsters are always welcome!

I do knit and crochet but always appreciate handmade items.

Miniature items to fill my new cubby or my long term project, my doll house…no bigger than 2 inches, please…smaller is better.

Child art (I have four pieces and have begun a wall to showcase them!)

Supplies I could use:
Small amounts of roving to use in art and weaving
Washi tapes
Poly or paper clay to try (not much!) Received some and will be trying it!
Beads to use for wind chimes, art embellishments…I want a mix, not lots of the same
Unusual buttons
Blank notecards
Gift cards to Etsy


Your favorite dessert or main dish recipe-printed or in a link…
(I am overwhelmed when I go looking on line!)

Postcards or everyday paper junk–tickets, bus fares, adverts, etc. – from where you live—for International Swappers, this is what I want the most! Foreign book pages for journals!

Coffee sleeves from around your area…no Starbucks, please…I have a ton of those.

My Pinterest is so disorganized, but then, maybe it will give you an idea of how chaotic my life is!

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I claim @AIMR for something inspired by one of her themes

I am Edel and I live in Ireland and so happy to be back in the OWS world. We have just moved house and so everything resembles a building site, but it is exciting to see things take shape. Fortunately I am married to a fellow nerd who also is good at DIY. My disney obsessed daughter also lives with us and she is about to qualify as a high school science teacher. Currently I am deprived of access to most of my craft stash, but I have kept a box of emergency supplies accessible. I am hoping to start a part time degree in art in September. I love to swap and love happy mail.
Wish list

Themes and things I like

Tentacles, Harry Potter, Dr Who, caravans, bunting, sparkly stuff
Terry Pratchett,
Lawn flamingos,
Any colour in the greeny blue range.


Mostly I love when people love to make stuff, so if you liked making it, I will love it, feel free to surprise me.
Orphan patchwork blocks/squares etc, have you started something and didn’t finish it, send it on to me.
Teal/ turquoise coloured jewellery. Or any jewellery really (I have pierced ears and fat wrists and like long necklaces)
Mug rugs. Any like this
Notecards-I never have enough
Printed/stencilled teeshirt (XL)
Zippered pouches, can never have enough of them.
Christmas tree ornaments (yes I know it is too early, but we have a Harry Potter tree and I am thinking this year that I want a pink flamingo tree)


Scrapbooking papers of any kind. I love paper
FQ or any quilting cottons, I love all kinds of fabric.
FIMO, I want to experiment
Moulds that I can use with fimo or other air dry clay (fondant and epoxy moulds would work for this)
Pigments or alcohol inks
Stamp pads
Clear cling stamps
Teal/turquoise beads or sparkly beads,

For my daughter
Cricut vinyl
Disney pins
And french onion soup mix, apparently we need it to make dip.

I have a pinterest for inspiration