Papaya FroYo (Sorbet?)

We have a papaya tree that is going to town right now. A few days ago, I pulled five ripe fruits off the tree, and knew we couldn’t eat them fast enough, so I experimented…

I cut them as usual. (Seeds are planted or dried to be used as a spice…)

I scooped out the insides and threw them in a blender. (Three papayas— possibly 2 lbs of fruit? Maybe a little less…).


And then I added some plain greek yogurt (Sorry, I pretty much eyeball everything… Maybe it was 3/4 cup-ish?), a little bit of sugar, and a long squirt of lime juice. Blend until consistent.

Pour in a freezer safe container, cover, and put in the freezer overnight.

Scoop, and enjoy!
(Mine is a little stiff, but it softens a bit on the counter. If I want it softer straight out of the freezer, I’d probably add more yogurt and likely sugar — or make a syrup and add that in…)


That sounds incredible. When life gives you papayas…life is good!


That sounds delicious!

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It looks delicious!

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Oh wow, I love papaya so I would likely eat them all & make myself sick! This is a great solution though. You can try granita style for a softer frozen treat too, that consists of scraping with a fork every half hour or so to keep the ice crystals that form small rather than a solid frozen block.

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I vividly remember the papaya in Hawaii…it was so much better than any I’d ever tasted before or since. I can only imagine how awesome this is!! If only we all had the problem of an abundance of papaya! :laughing:

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How wonderful that you have these to play with!

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Sounds delish.