Paper goodies!

I’ve never made a notebook before and this one was quite simple. I think it turned out pretty cute, as well! I also made some address labels. I designed them in and then printed them onto the labels. I did them in Halloween, beach, and Christmas themes. I messed up the info on one set of labels so they turned into Halloween stickers instead. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: These were made for kittykill in the Happy Mail swap.

I made a little magnetic notepad, too. Super simple, but I thought the flowers had that kind of mid-century, bright vibe that kittykill favors.


I love little notebooks and this one is just perfect for me. Thank you so much!

You’re welcome!

Also, the labels were so needed and I love that they are different themes so I can use them for different times of the year.


Address labels are so stinking fun! I kind of wanted to make more, to be honest, because I really enjoyed creating the designs!

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What a sweet batch of paper goodness!

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Such fun items. I make address labels but just plain Jane with my address. I need to spice them up and add pics

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Thanks, guys! :heart: