Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2022

I was hoping one of our awesome paper princesses would be in the Lettuce Craft Class line up. We already know it would be a sold out lesson!

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I agree and disagree. Some of the first-part-of-the-month lessons are easy and been there, done that. The second half of the month lessons are interesting, but as I said before, I don’t do all of the projects because I don’t need more knick knacks and stuff in my house.

I like the teachers for the most part and I think it’s their enthusiasm for making the papers and projects that is fun to watch. I think the classes are presented well and many of the artists were new to me.

And this month is all about giving away stuff so I can get behind that. I mostly like Wendy/Willa.wanders and I am waiting for her lesson in August.

I will do the Fodder Challenge (mainly watch and perhaps do if it’s new/interesting) and then decide about next year.

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I do love the instructors and how supportive they are…but many of them have already posted some of these techniques on their own. I also don’t do all of the projects since I am like you, and don’t want yet another avenue to explore!

But, I think I have learned more from your posts and links as well as others here ahead of the curve. I don’t mean to disparage anybody…just with only so much time, I would rather do your prompts and our Zooms here!

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I love Fodder School. I’ve learned a ton of new techniques (I’ve only been doing mixed media for around 18 months) and I love the energy. I can see how it wouldn’t be as educational for those who’ve been doing mixed media for a lot longer. I also really like that I can airplay the videos to my Roku and watch them on the tv which gets me away from the computer. There’s nothing special about the FS videos other than the fact they are videos vs reading forum posts (I also do the same with Watch.Learn.Play. and Wanderlust). So I use it partially as entertainment and partially as learning. I’ll definitely be joining again next year.

LC is an amazing resource and I find a wonderful complement to the more organized courses. I love seeing everyone’s work here and all of the conversation.


I’ve really enjoyed seeing everything you guys are posting :heart: I have nearly stopped doing my index cards :expressionless: I have a background for my second one and I cut out a picture for it… but mostly my crafty mojo is lost :sweat: So I’ll just continue to be a lurker for now :kissing_heart:


I can relate to this, mine seems to have completely exited the building except for weaving. I think weaving appeals to me because a lot of it is procedural/meditative vs the mental energy I find “creativity”/“art” requires from me.

My creating has always been cyclical - I get really into something and go all in for 3-9 months then pivot over to something else. Looks like I’m currently in a weaving season but my art supplies will still be there when I get the mental energy to play with them. Until then, I am still enjoying watching art classes though.


I understand…probably why I am cranky…but, I am making master boards and appreciate that I can do several techniques and none of them are too tasking! I am even leaving the mess out overnight…


I think it’s great to pivot - I often get stuck and keep banging my head against the wall hoping for change. I need to remember to read a book, take a walk, go to the movies - something else in a different direction.

I just need to keep reminding myself to do this when frustration hits!


I never posted the watercolor fodder I made from Fodder Class. I have been experimenting with various types of watercolor and find that I like my cheapo watercolors in a tin palette the best, followed by watercolor crayons.

These are quite addictive…I have already used a bunch to make cards. I want to save some for my Fodder book just to look at.


They’re beautiful!

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Those flowers! :star_struck:

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Thanks…they are something I do when I am uninspired…once I start, it is like chips…I can’t stop! lol I love fussy cutting as I watch Netflix…I also started copying what I make. Even though they don’t have the texture and depth of the originals, I can still cut them from paper and use them. Plus I keep a copy in a notebook as reference when I get stuck.


I used gelatoes to create the background. I cut the piece into a size to fit notecards and then tried a few different techniques on them based on this YT video.

My favorite is using a stencil and a baby wipe to rub off the color. The drawback to using gelato is that it remains liquid reactive. Using gel medium really doesn’t work well . I ordered some fixative like that which is used for charcoal. I think a light spraying might work to seal it…I kept some scraps to try it first!

I didn’t want to attach words until I used the cards…maybe for happy mail or positive affirmation mail!


I love them!

Love your cards! And thank you for linking the video, I have gelatos but had no idea how to use them.

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You can seal water reactive media by spreading gel medium on your *clean gel plate. Then press your water reactive media piece on the gel plate and the gel medium will seal the stuff.

I know it’s easier to spray but for me, it is easier this way - no garage or backyard.

And a clean gel plate? Does that exist? The last time I tried to seal water color swatches like this, I ended up adding a blue tinge to all of them. Oh well.


Great tip! I tried her way with a credit card, but no matter what, I was digging into the color area…I actually do have a clean gel plate… :laughing: I found it in what I thought was an empty container hanging off my shelf…maybe I will reserve it just for things like this!

@photojenn – I was seriously thinking of buying gouache but then realized that I had not even touched my watercolor crayons, gelatoes, and pencils. I prefer acrylics so I didn’t want to buy anything that I could substitute.


Gorgeous! I’ve been curious about gelatos too, will watch that video.
Cool tip about the gel medium on a clean gelli plate! One side of mine hasn’t ever been used, hmm… :thinking:

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@AIMR your watercolor fodder and cards are fantastic!

I probably won’t sign up for any year long courses this year. I think I would prefer to revisit some lessons from the courses I already bought and maybe sign up for some shorter cheaper classes throughout the year.


Thanks! I went back to our 2021 and 2022 Art Journaling threads and found that I really like learning like that…it feels a bit overwhelming for me to have so many presented, especially when I get behind. I am not signing up for any new classes.