Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong

It’s beautiful!! love the colours

Dementors zoom tutorial will start in 30 mins :slight_smile: PM myself or @JoyfulClover if you’d like to join in :slight_smile:

You will need some ink, water, brushes and paper

Thanks @PrincessP for teaching us and @JoyfulClover for setting it up. It was great. Xx


I was so sorry to have to leave! >_<

Thank you all for the crafty morning x

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@PrincessP - it was such a FUN tutorial! Thank you for figuring a way to share your workspace as well as your sweet face! You’re a rockstar!

I love your midnight blue watercolor. I want to do that to mine, now!

My creepy dementors:

Then a bat (great idea gg) and a vulture (inspired by you, calluna):


That was a super helpful tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing this.

I going to have another go at one of France Papillions guided journalling, in about ten mins if anyone is around and fancies doing it with me. PM me and I can set up a zoom.

Otherwise I will report back and let you know how it went. wandering off to gather supplies


Oh I’m interested

Cool! I will set up a zoom now and pm it to you @geekgirl

I got mesmerized watching that video and the time flew by! It looks really good, and I love that there is intention in the process. I want to see more of what she’s done, but I’m in stay-in-bed mode today.

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That was fun. I like mine ok. I may try it again at some point as there are some things I would do different.


The pieces at the side look like little tabbies, going up and down!

Hey paper and mixed media crafters!
Several of us are going to do a book club and work our way through the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and the accompanying workbook.
We are just getting started and will be having informal chats on Discord and then zoom meetings every couple of weeks to discuss and share our exercises, etc.
If you are interested let me know and I can send you the link to the Discord chat.


I really enjoyed crafting with @geekgirl this afternoon. She’s so cool.

This was my end result. I haven’t been much of a craftalong type with YouTube, I tend to watch them, and then do my own thing. But I’m finding a lot of merit in working this way. I’m learning a lot about tools and techniques.

Can’t photograph it well tonight, overhead lights casting a shadow


It looks like you guys had a good time doing the dementor-along together! I love the finished pieces.

I love this piece! I think it has a lot of movement - my eyes just keep looking at it all over.

Your texture game is so on point here! Gorgeous!


Thanks for posting her videos…I am also learning…and buying supplies…lol…

I love that you did a mirror of the circle on the left…doing your own thing is good from the ideas you get from these videos! I am doing this one as well since I missed the Zoom…and I am combining it with another lesson @geekgirl posted about the face drawing…having lots of fun in this group…

Looking to see if I can fit in the drawing lessons on Discord as well…I think I have the book from ages ago…I would want an updated one, though…

I did another one after work today


I am loving all the purple! :heart_eyes:

I really like that one @geekgirl you really nailed the texture on the RHS, the part circle is also a really nice touch. What was it like doing it a second time? were you focused on the process or the outcome?