Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong

Nothing in mind, I just really want to be able to do the next one! I haven’t had a chance to really craft in a couple of months! I don’t want to miss it!!!


How about some book binding? Julie Fei Fan Balzer has 2 links here, one is from our own @Knickertwist!

I know it’s a holiday week for the US but is anyone able to art journal tomorrow (Tuesday Nov, 24) around 4 or 5 pm Eastern time? Or I could do Friday about any time.

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I don’t have time this coming weekend so thought I’d see if anyone wanted to do weeknight journaling. I haven’t looked up a video yet. I don’t mind redoing one I’ve already done or finding a new one.

Edit - how about something simple and relaxing and more free form like this

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I watched this yesterday:

I’m going to try it out. But alas, I am working tomorrow and Wednesday (no kids on Weds).


I’m in for tomorrow if we can do 5pm Eastern!

cool! Who else is in for 5pm Eastern time tomorrow?

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I wish I could, but I can’t make it tomorrow or Friday. I look forward to seeing what you make!

Hey, I can’t make tomorrow! But thank you for thinking of me!

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I’m visiting family so I can’t this time, but I hope you have fun! and I’ll look forward to seeing some new creations too!!

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Lol, @geekgirl, in case you wondered whether people are tired of seeing what you create, I think you have a big resounding NO from this crowd. :heart_eyes: We want to see more!

I can’t make it tomorrow, either! But thanks for keeping me in the loop. And, I love that you add the videos so that we can see them even if we can’t join in. I love to see how you all take things in a different direction to make each page your own!

I can do it anytime this week…I am ready to make a mess again and I so love sharing and getting inspired by everyone!

5 pm Tuesday or anytime best for others is good for me!

Yes…this one looks like there are a lot of ways it can be done!

Looks like I can also make 4pm eastern work tomorrow if that works better for everyone else.

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I’m likely out for tomorrow, but I’ll get back on another session one of these days…


One more thing - for those of you like me who will be alone on T’Day, Mary Beth Shaw, the founder of Stencil Girl, will be doing a live art lesson, time has not been announced. I may try to watch after zooming with the family and binge-ing the finale of The Queen’s Gambit.

Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey: :turkey: :turkey:


Ooh! Me, too!
I’ll have to check out her site for her post!

Also, TQ’G? ** chef’s kiss ** I was surprised they didn’t trip over themselves and crash the end, (because the rest was so good), but it’s just as good as the rest of the episodes! I’m happy you have an excellent plan for TD!

I can definitely do it!!! What should I prepare beforehand?

yay! I sent you, @photojenn, and @AIMR a PM with supply list and zoom link! see you this evening at 5!

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Thanks for including me @geekgirl but I can’t do tonight x

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