Paper Poppies Diptych Shadowboxes

I was excited to try to make something for a swap for @sheepBlue! I thought it was fun to have a vertical diptych since she said she was looking for things to put on the bookshelf behind her WFH desk for various video meetings.

It was fun to use atypical colors closer to her preferred palette.

The files came with pieces to create hangers for hanging on the wall, which I modified a tiny bit after cutting so they would still be useable, but would be hidden should she want to set them on her shelves.

The svg fils came from 3DCuts; here is how they show them “stacked.”


I like the yellow and purple colors you created better than the original.

Oh that’s so cool! I see it now!!

I love these! I agree, I like the colors you chose.

These are great!

Ooh, those are fun-- I especially like the leaf half.

How beautiful and bright.

I love the colors you used. They are both very pretty and will surely make a cool statement piece for her video conferences.

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Thanks everyone! I can definitely see myself using these files again in various colorways.

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Wait. These are all paper? Frames too? Whoa super cool.

Well, there’s glue in there, too. :upside_down_face:


These are so cool! The colors are great! That’s the beauty of crafting-we get to make it how WE want it!

These are so cool! I love your color choices.

Thanks y’all!

Congrats! Your Paper Poppies Diptych Shadowboxes are one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

WOW! Thank you!

These are fantastic! I love the depth and the POP of color!


By the second picture, I knew this was a Mistress T project.
Nice work!

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I really love how they stack vertically :slight_smile: Nice work!