Pastel santa

Reddit friends already know this one. I picked up the kit a few years ago in the post-Christmas sale and finished it pretty quickly. Then it spent a couple of years in a drawer until I got around to framing it. The kit is by DMC.


Too cute! Definitely deserves the frame. :slight_smile:

Yay! Congrats on finally finishing and framing this piece. Why does it always feel like the last 10% of a project to frame and hang something is always the hardest part?

Good question! I have no idea. I have a pile of projects that are done but not finished/framed. I ended up donating some to the fundraiser. Hopefully the buyers will frame them! There are some big pieces that I’d like to get professionally framed eventually but I always seem to find more important things to spend my money on.

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Cute! And yeah, it’s always that last little bit. I have a giant hoop crochet project that I did as a prototype for a larger rainbow granny hoop. It’s a pastel one, and all I have to do is finish crocheting about 2 inches of space around the edge of the hoop. Have I done it? Nope. Good for you for finally conquering that last 10%!

So stinking cute!

That’s adorable. The shading on Santa and the gift gives so much dimension and I love that cute bunting. Well done & well framed.

Super cute!

Love this. I always have such a hard time choosing the right finishes for things. This frame is perfect and seems like it belongs.

I did see it in reddit, can’t remember if I had time to comment or not but I thought it was super cute :smiley:

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