Pave bead earrings,

Continuing my make something every day. I made these yesterday to wear while going out to dinner.

They are super sparkly in real life, little mini pave beads.


So pretty!!

Gorgeous! They look great :slight_smile:

50 projects a year not enough for you, eh? Gotta go for 365 — no, wait. It’s Leap Year, so 366! I admire your guts! And your earrings. :blush:


Only a hard core crafter would think nothing of just making a pair of earrings to wear to dinner the same day!

They are cute. I like the little beads you used


Pretty! That’s the joy of crafting! I love making just the right thing to wear with an outfit! Love this!

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@Endymion that was my original intention, but it’s crazy. So I’ve settled to make a me thing every day in Jan. But there’s a make something everyday in Feb craftalong coming up, so I’ll hopefully do that too. Mad!

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Lovely earrings :slight_smile:

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You know what, instead of trying to make AI robots, why can’t the scientists work on cameras that show sparkles and let you smell the food, and so on :smiley:
These are simple but cute, and I’m glad you’re working on something every day :smiley: btw, are your goal to finish something every day? or just create?

My goal is to just create. I’ve not managed every day, but I have managed more days than not.


I love the elegant simplicity of these. and 3 is the best number. :four_leaf_clover: :metal: :shamrock:

I am proud you are still making every day. I have started tracking mine, just to make sure I’m sticking to it. Do you find you are happier?

Maybe this should be in a separate thread. I don’t want to hijack your wonderfulness.

@JoyfulClover it’s a very interesting question. I always feel happier when I make something, a feeling that no matter what else happened in the day, something new exists in the world.

But as to whether that translates into a generalized happiness, I don’t think so. What it does do is focus me and I am getting stuff done that I wouldn’t otherwise have done. I’m watching less TV which is a happy offshoot.

Not sure I’ve answered your question!

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Nope, you totally did!