🐶 Pet & Poppy Thank You Notes

Our Delia has had a rough week including a visit to the emergency vet followed by surgery for a couple of abscessed teeth at her regular vet. :frowning: We love our vet clinic, so I wanted to make them a special thank you note from our family.

The svg files come from the Five Minute Cards by SVGCuts. These take me quite a bit longer than 5 minutes, but are a pretty quick card once you have the papers picked.


Each of us will write inside. You can get two card bases from one piece of 12x12 cardstock, so I made two.

I also made a couple of these. One to go out soon and one for stash.


What a sweet gesture! I love the papers you chose.

Those are very snazzy! I know they’ll appreciate it. Love the pattern on the inside of the envelope!

Poor Delia! Hope she’s a happier pup with all that behind her. These are an awesome appreciative gesture!

So cool! Hope your doggo is feeling 100% soon. I need to get into cutting paper. So far ive only done vinyl and there are so many more options!

Thanks, friends!

Thanks! For each style of card all the papers came from one pad which helps a lot!

Thank you! For the envelope I took meticulous measurements in order to get the “best friend” and “woof” to show on the flap!

She’s improving each day!

It’s a lot of fun! I’ve only done a little vinyl and I still find it intimidating.


Awwww lovely, I bet they appreciate it. Hope Delia is feeling better soon too :heart:

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Awww, thank you! Our best to Rosie and her care team, too!

Cutting paper doesn’t always go this well for me. Beautiful job!

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Oh no! What kind of issues are you having? You’re a vinyl wizard!

Sorry to learn Delia has been having a tough time :sweat:

A thank you card is really thoughtful of you :hugs:

And it’s also really clever to make a spare for your stash! I should get on board with that sort of organisation :wink:

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Paper either sticks too hard to my cutting mat or not hard enough. :woman_shrugging:

Ugh. Too stuck why I end up using cardstock 99% of the time and usually remove the mat from the paper instead of the paper from the mat. Not stuck enough… I have that because I am cheap and want to use my mats past their time! :grimacing: I do get a lot of life out of them by lint rollering them, though. I wonder if they stay sticky longer using vinyl since it doesn’t shed tiny fibers?

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Could be. I use vinyl more than anything else. Lint rolling sounds like a good idea.

I bet your mats are way stickier than mine and that’s contributing to your struggles. You kick A at vinyl, though!

lol! Thanks!

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