Photographing the beach...without actually being there!

Cyanotype was a very early type of photography that uses UV light from the sun to change color pigment in special blue paper. You can buy paint to make this paper, or buy “sun paper” or cyanotype paper. I purchased Sun Paper.

I didn’t have much luck in this in the actual sun (maybe the outside temp wasn’t warm enough or I needed to leave it out longer) so this was done by leaving my “photo” under my OttLight for 30 min or so.

I created a template to put my 4x6 in photo in the middle, then carved a small 1" stamp that I stamped around.

This is a cool printmaking process that I hope to use as a class curriculum when (looking likely!) I get to teach art hopefully next year.


That sun paper has always seemed like magic to me. Love your light print (did not know you could do it with an Ott light!), and your little stamp around the edges.

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I love the negative effect…and neato trick using your OttLite!

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So cool! It snowed here last night (Wisconsin) so I could use some beachy vibes! I remember playing with sun paper as a kid.

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I love the combination of the cyanotype and the stamping!

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I remember using this type of photo paper in a middle school art class. It was definitely a fun lesson! There are so many possibilities. I like your star stamped border, it works perfectly with this card, especially with the different colors of ink.

How fun!