Pincushion and Needleminder Swap-Gallery

And I received from @EriChanHime!! It’s so amazing!!!

So, I requested a cheeseburger pin cushion as my “big request.” I definitely offered lots of alternatives because this seemed like a tall order. Cheeseburgers are pretty much my favorite food. Burger + Beer = Happy Abbee. :smile:

Well, not only is this amazing burger a pincushion, it’s also a needlebook!! What?! :exploding_head: Behold:

Ah! How cute and awesome!?! Release the little closure and…

A mushroom pocket and onions!



Tomato (I love this!)!

Lettuce (I was having trouble holding it at this point - true sign of a good burger!)!

And a pickle pocket! AH!

Thank you so much, Erin. You blew me away with this! I will love it forever!! :smile: :hamburger: :orange_heart:


That is brilliant!

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It’s amazing!

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GET OUT! That is the coolest! I loooooved your request of burger pincushion and I’m so glad she pulled it off (I had faith all along!)


YAAAAY! I’m absolutely thrilled that you love it as much as I hoped you would, Abbie! :two_hearts: :cherry_blossom: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I had a very exciting time creating it. Once I started looking up inspiration for making a cheeseburger pin cushion, I just found all the pieces being sewn together as a block kind of boring and wasteful. But since she had also mentioned that she would be okay with a needlebook, instead (though clearly her heart yearned for a cheeseburger pin cushion), it struck me that all the foods would make perfect felt needlebook pages.

I took a lot of inspiration at that point from interactive felt play foods–like a Montessori would use–although I ended up designing and drawing all the pattern pieces myself from scratch to blend all my favorite versions (and I googled a lot of cheeseburger ingredients!) I think the tomato slice may be my most favorite part, but every page and piece made me happy as I was making it. May it serve many years of hilarious crafting excitement! :grin: :+1:


Wow! This is fabulous! So creative; I love everything about it.


The tomato page is my favorite! The entire project is absolutely amazing!


This gallery blows my mind!!!


This is so incredibly creative! Very cute and super functional, too.


My needleminder package from @Immaculata arrived today!

She made the cutest little hedgehog cover on a pretty sea foam green aida

As you can see from the card she sent with the minder, I chose well when I did a mackintosh design for her :blush:

And if the front of the card isn’t cute enough, it has an adorable backside!

The inside is lined with an adorable fox fabric and plenty of space for my needles to be tucked into. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now I must go so I can go taste some of the chocolate letter from St Nick she sent along.

Thank you for such an adorable package, Immaculata! :hearts: :hedgehog: :fox_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just wanted to pop back in and say the chocolate is delicious. It’s so smooth and creamy, and not sour like Hershey’s or other American chocolates can be.

Monkey is sad he got nothing, and I won’t share my chocolate with him. :joy: Mr sbc has eaten a decent chunk of it though :blush:


Aw, what a cute hedgehog! I like the fox fabric also.


Love it! The hedgehog butt is the cutest! and the fox fabric complements it perfectly!


Look what a cute gallery we ended up with!!


I’m glad you like it! Tony’s is my favourite chocolate. St Nick gifted me the same letter this Sunday and somehow it disappeared within 24 hours…


That hedgehog is sooo cute!