Plague Masks

I forgot about making these their own post yesterday. But last week I had a lot of fun making a plague mask. I used the pattern on Suntree a-ok’s tumblr blog. The first one I made was the lemon and yellow one. I used a little fusible fleece so this one was softer. On the purple one I used fusible fleece and some interfacing. Which made it a little stiffer. It was also a bit harder to flip.

I also used my pikachu build a bear for a model so he looks super cool now.


I love these so much :slight_smile: Especially how the cheerful fabrics are juxtaposed against a mask with a rather dark history. Do you wear any of these out? That would be a sight to see lol.


I haven’t worn any out. But I think it would be fun to wear one out! And I picked the lemons just for that reason XD


So cool & weird!
Also, did you see that she’s researching the commodification of creative knowledge for her PhD, focusing on quilt patterns and designs? Wot?! What a cool person. I’m going to contact her.

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I didn’t that sounds super cool!

That is RAD!

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Thank you!! I had a lot of fun making them!