Plant hanger using last of a recycled curtain fabric - done

Trying to appease the scrap gods so I can move onto sewing with the better fabrics!

Finally finished the last article to recycle this floral curtain fabric I really liked, along with the calico scraps from making a door hanger spice holder. I use a lot of spices and there’s never enough space to hold them, so I made myself something suitable.

Previously have appliqued 4 bath towels and sewn a cover for the fragrance spray can in the bathroom, so now the set is completed.

For most of last year I’ve been working on using up small amounts of left over fabrics before allowing myself to move onto anything more valuable. It’s time!


Pretty and useful!

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I love this little plant basket! Did you use a pattern?

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Thanks @AIMR and @Abbeeroad
No actual pattern, just something I made up to fit the space and the amount of fabric I had left really.

There’s a round plastic takeaway container lid (recycled) in the bottom of it to hold it stiff, and that’s what I used for size for the calico that is the circular base. The base is made of a couple of scrap pieces of calico sewn together to get the size.
I was pretty stoked that the lid fitted inside it perfectly when the sides and base were joined!

Then I just measured and cut the side pieces (the whole thing, sides and bottom, is lined) to fit the circular shape and sewed it up.
The handles and loops were then sewn on, and finished with the calico strip at the top edging.
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, even with the few mistakes and missteps I had to unpick and redo correctly.


It turned out lovely!

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Thank you. :smiley:

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WOOHOO! Your sweet project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! CONGRATS!


wow, thank you!

Lovely work! and yay for recycling and making good use of scraps!

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