Plus size- jersey tunic. Pattern from existing garment

It’s been ages since I made any clothing for me, a few years in fact. But I’m trying to use my stash and to stop buying cheap clothing that I don’t love. I made a pattern from an existing tunic that I have, it’s loose and swingy (essential when I’m having a hot flash mid lecture!) And used fabric that I’ve in my stash for at least 10 years, probably 12. And I actually like how it turned out. It’s a-line, with a big gore in the front. And a lower hem at the back.

I dusted off my serger for this- I had to wrestle it from the paws of some spiders who’d been happily living in for at least the last 7 years. Had to rethread it (aargh) but it was worth it. It is the best for stretchy fabrics, it zips through them and no uneven stretching of the seams.

It is very difficult to take pictures of yourself

Off now to add a few decorative buttons. I don’t like how the centre front neck band gapes a little so I’m going to put in a dart and cover it with a button


It’s super cute!

I love that style tunic…comfy and flowy…and we all know that one reason we sew is to get something that fits and we can adjust with our creativity!

So good seeing you model your own creations…the fabric is lovely…and nice that you are indeed using the good stuff for yourself!!

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I love this! The style is really flattering on you too. Float tunica are my fave. I wish I had the confidence (and want) to sew my own clothes!


You look so cute! Great job.

Wonderful garment and looks great on you! The fabric looks soft, feminine, and flowy. It’s terrific that you made your own pattern and whipped this up for yourself.

I second that! Most women’s clothing I see in stores is in patterns or colours that I just don’t feel comfortable in. I’m unsure of it for one reason or another, so I don’t buy it :woman_shrugging:t2:

I love it, Edel! Looks great in you!


Hm; I have a similar but more scrappy pattern that I need to make more of… :grinning:

I love it and it looks great on you! Using a tunic that you already love the fit of is such a great way to make clothes for yourself. And, when you make the neck band for your next one (because I’m sure you’ll be making more), it helps to measure the neckline and then subtract an inch (and then stitch with 1/2" seam, so you actually lose 2" overall). It forces you to slightly stretch the band to attach it, which then causes it to pull the neckline in a little bit. Works like a charm!


Wow! It looks great! You got a really nice fit across the shoulders and bust on that and the swingy part hangs so nicely.

Thanks @craftADDchick that’s a really useful tip. I ended up taking a small dart in the centre from and sewing on two funky buttons to hide it. Or sits flat now and works well, but I will definitely try your trick next time.


It’s been so long since I have made clothing for myself, so when I clear my space (and probably wrestle some spiders too) I will look at my stash.

Thanks for sharing @Edel!

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@mellybelly81 I’m looking forward to seeing what you make :grin:

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What a beautiful tunic this is!

Super cute! I’d love something like this.

I love a good high/low! And good on you for using up stash!

You bought the fabric for a reason, and now you finally have something you will love to use, which is the best kind of clothes :smiley: It looks really pretty, and it fits you nicely

Lovely job! Pretty fabric, too!

Fabulous! It looks great!