Pocahontas backpack

I know what your thinking, not another bag😆
I “sell” the disney Thomas kinkade panels in my little shop. Actually no one buys them and I hear all the time, I dont know what Id do with it. So I made this little backpack almost entirely from 1 panel. This panel was damaged (had a tear) so I decided to see what I could do with it. I was able to get almost the entire bag. I just skipped 1 slip pocket, used different fabric for inside the zippered pickets and used cotton webbing for the straps. I had the rings lying about from a store bought bag Id salvaged so I made the straps adjustable like a belt. My top stitching could have been better, but I can always revisit that later :sweat_smile:


This is great! Now you have an awesome example for all the naysayers!


You make great bags! This one is very nice. It’s always a little weird to me when someone points out a flaw in their own work, because usually:
A. I didn’t notice any problem at all.
B. When I do look at the so-called flaw, the work is 10x better than I could do!
Having said that, I know I point out flaws in my own work, too.
Your top stitching looks great to me!


I think you made a wonderful bag and now you have a solution for what one can make with panels! Maybe include this in your listings as a suggestion (which I imagine you thought of), to perhaps help sell your panels.

Nice work, as always!


What a great way to show potential buyer what they can do! I know that for creative people it’s sometimes hard to fully recognize how many people really can’t imagine materials as projects unless it’s really spelled out in a list or they’re at least given a starting point, but that’s really true.



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