Positive Affirmation TM patches

I made these positive affirmation TM patches for @Magpie in a recent swap. I incorporated my recent vitnage fabric acquisitions in a few of the patches.


The stitching on these is wonderfully textural, they’re all really neat-o. Big too! Biggest TM patches I’ve ever seen!

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Do you have an online source for those neurotransmitter things? I’d like to add some to my stash… Otherwise, I’ll just have to keep up with caffeine and alcohol.

Lovely sentiments!




These are great! I love the combination of the scrappy/random TM look with the preciseness of the stamped words.

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I love the first one so much! (I’m partial to yellow.)

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These are fabulous!

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That last one is so scrappy and awesome. Love the phrases!

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