Positive Affirmations swap - GALLERY! Send Oct 18

Ooo. Lovely layers in that page. What a happy package! :slightly_smiling_face:


These things are all so very lovely! So sad that all of my crafting stuff is all packed away… you all are inspiring!


That magnet is so amazing, all those beautiful colorful stitches!

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Wow! Such wonderful and inspiring gifts. Everything is fab!

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Very nice page, great affirmation. The spiral is a good symbol for that.

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Wow you guys, this gallery is fabulous :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@kittykill your embroidery is stunning, as ever! such a wonderful piece :sunrise:

@Kwality570 the rainbow stitching is amazing :heart: :rainbow: so beautiful and thoughtful!

@kayrun that is a lovely page and package - the happy colours and affirmation are so uplifting!


I was completely spoiled by @calluna!
I received this awesome junk journal base:

And this adorable embroidery piece in rainbow colors which I adore!

And the card is also a little piece of fun artwork!

Thank you for such an amazing package!!!


I love it! I think the trim on the journal cover came from Asheville? So that would be a swap item handled by & containing the crafty vibes of a few amazing people, wow.
I tried getting her to send me the cross-stitch, not even kidding, lol.


I received the most amazing package from @Cyn-energy!!


Oh my gosh that card is gorgeous and the treats! But I’m really blown away by the main piece:

Just gorgeous! And a wonderful reminder. I will display it prominently. Thank you @Cyn-energy!


Gorgeous! The dimension is really stellar & so much delicious colour & texture. The card too, so beautiful.

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I received from @Reinikka. I love what she made! It is totally me and will always remind me to not wait and take chances. The fabric scrappy beads are so awesome!!! Thank you so much for making me smile.


More amazing packages for this gallery. They’re so amazing!

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I love it! The beads look like candies, omg how perfectly fabulous is that?


@Reinikka, what a fun piece!
And I love the nod to the quote with the type of candy you chose!

I wanted to do a hanging, but drew a blank on the method, (plus ran out of time before I had to head out of town) so I’m bookmarking this! Great project :blush:


Beautiful piece! Perfect use for those scrappy beads! :heart_eyes:


Love the happy candy colors and those scrappy beads :heart_eyes:


I received from @Kwality570 and I looooove it!

Your gelli prints are frikken awesome

I use a lot of colour but nothing I make turns out this bright. How do you do it? It looks so amazing.


I love this gallery so much! It is so fun and uplifting. Thank you @Magpie for hosting.

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When it comes to making gelli prints, I’ve realized that thin layers of paint are the key. If you use thick paint, it becomes muddy. I’m so glad you like it!


My pkg arrived while I was out of town, so I finally got to rip into it today, and it is just gorgeous!
Many, many thanks to @Cyn-energy for the wonderful spiral booklet – I’m thinking I will use it to record many of the affirmations I’ve seen in this swap as a permanent cheer-me-up reference!

a quick sample of the inside:

lovely card:

I may have chocolate for lunch! whee!
Thanks again for such a sweet swap pkg!