Powder Room Makeover

We still have a few small things we want to do, but she’s mostly done. :heart:

It all started because the towel rack fell off the wall and…we didn’t want to patch the stupid holes. :laughing: So a few days before we hosted a big holiday party at our house, we randomly redid the entire powder room. :upside_down_face:

In typical Arizona fashion, the walls were all textured orange peel, so we wanted to update those to give them some more character and, of course, some color. :art: We already had a can of the black paint (Limousine Leather) from our local Buy Nothing group, so we were able to incorporate it. We got the wallpaper from Amazon. We had the mirror in a hallway, so we just moved it into here & donated the old builder grade mirror.

I bought the sink a few years prior in Tubac, Arizona (before I even bought the house itself) and just knew I would eventually find a place for it! I’m so happy it’s finally installed in its permanent home.

We got the vanity from OfferUp. @FiredGinkgo modified it to fit the sink and the location, and then used the paint sprayer with the Limousine Leather paint. She made a new topper from a piece of butcher block. Before photo:

You can’t see it very well in the photo from the doorway, but I used antique gold Rub 'n Buff to pop out some of the details on the vanity. It’s my latest obsession. I love all of the colors in that product line. The shimmer is so pretty.

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Man, that’s gorgeous!

it’s so similar to what I need to do to my bathroom. I’ve got the dresser to turn into a vanity, a Mexican sink (calla lilies, bought in Nogales), even a great mirror!

But I need to rip out the existing huuuuge tub and teeeeny shower, repair the floor…so it’s been on hold for almost exactly four years.


Wow, what an update! Love that wallpaper!


What an upgrade! You really made that space your own. The sink is gorgeous. The vanity is amazing as well.


I love a dark, moody powder room and this one is no exception! It’s wonderful that you were able to use on-hand/collected items as well as repurposing used pieces to get such a cohesive and personalized look!


Thank you so much!

What you described is what we need to do to our master bath, too. It’s just a stall shower and a garden tub. Ugh, it’s going to be a project for sure.

I’d love to see your sink from Nogales!

Thank you so much! The wallpaper is nice and thick, so it covered the texture of the bumpy walls here (bonus!). :smile:

Thank you so much, Gozer! When we bought the house, every single interior wall was light grey. While it’s a fine neutral palette, and I’m sure was pretty popular, it’s so bland to us. We need color in our lives. :art:

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Thank you for your words. :heart: This is the first room we’ve done, so every other room is still light grey. At the party, some guests were joking, saying the bathroom was an experience & encouraging everyone else to go in there to see it. A lot of selfies were happening…in a bathroom. We were cracking up.

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Wow! What an undertaking, especially a few days before a party. When you said makeover, I wasn’t expecting a whole new room. The change is incredible, you went from basic to quite dramatic. I love what you did with the walls, both the wallpaper and the green with the paneling. Then there’s the vanity with the that sink. What an eyecatcher! Honestly, I just love what you did with the entire space.

Just happened to have posted it here…

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Oh my, it’s just as gorgeous as I was imagining!! I laughed when you said you held it like a baby. I did exactly the same thing. :laughing:

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I’m stealing that B&W bowl. butt
Don’t tell anyone.


Wow, that sink!! Love! What a fantastic bathroom makeover!

It came out beautifully! Our powder room is on hold while we get the exterior of our house painted, and get some other glaring problems fixed first, but I’m really itching to work on it. It’s a sad grey box. Now I’m even more inspired!

Wow, what a metamorphosis! Beautiful :orange_heart:

I know that feeling. My house is a light beige color with white trim. It looks nice-ish, but I have painted every room. I went a little crazy with a soft coordinating pallet. My favorite room is my pale lavender storage room. I never could have painted a room purple before my divorce. It was like painting the walls with freedom!
*Disclaimer - my ex and I are still great friends; no shade on him. He didn’t understand the glory of a purple.

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Wow, what an awesome transformation! Very inspiring.

You gave this room so much character! I absolutely love the colors and patterns. Wow!