Prairie Schooler crow cross stitch

Made for @Edel in the Little Good Things swap. I saw tons of crows on her Pinterest and she listed pink as one of her favourite colours. I wanted to frame it but couldn’t find the right frame so I cut a tenporary frame from cardstock. The fabric is hand dyed (not by me) and there’s a little bit of gold in the fabric in the lower right corner that’s difficult to capture in a picture.


It’s so fabulous. I love it!

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That is such a fantastic design! It’s so cool!

It’s fantastic…and the hand dyed aida cloth makes it extra special :slight_smile:

This crow is fantastic. :heart:

I agree! I never in a million years would’ve thought to dye Aida cloth. It makes the black stitching look fantastic!

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As a fellow crow fanatic, I literally squeaked in delight over this! I love the pattern, and the pairing of the crow with that vibrant pink is brilliant. Now I’m going to have to dye all my boring aida cloth!

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I agree with the others that the pink makes the crow pop out! Great work!

Ooooh, that’s so Edel! Beautiful work.

I really love that fabric and I’ve been looking for the right pattern for ages. I have about 10 of those dyed squares left in several colours, all evenweave or aida. I bought them years ago at a summer fair in a small village. The lady who sold them was ending her small business and I bought all the dyed fabrics she had left and a needle book. I have never seen any fabric like that again anywhere, not hand dyed.

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Great choice of topic and execution! The hand dyed fabric is a boon, by itself!


VERY cool!

I love this. The crow really pops on that fabric.

Wonderful stitching!