Printed dandelions onto ice dyed cotton fabric

This was a plain white cotton sheet. I tried ice dyeing it and I loved the effects. As with most of the things I dye, it got folded into stash.
When I had finished the biggest set of prints I’ve ever done, I had some ink left over (I was doing a lino cut onto paper, but wanted something fast drying, so I used speedball screen printing ink for fabric)

So I stamped the ice dyed fabric with this dandelion cling stamp. (Bought on Ali express) I love it!

I also wanted to try this spider web stamp.

This is my set up, I roll out the ink onto glass and use a semi soft, closed cell-home made, roller to ink the plate and then I stamp the fabric.

This was the print run I’d done. I’m going to go and lie down now and recover. I’m cream crackered


This is so wonderful! It turned out great!

YOWZA! I may have to invite myself back to Ireland and take a dying and stamping course from you, Edel! You always have such striking and artistic results.

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This is lovely. I especially love the shot of your studio. I love seeing into others’ creative spaces.

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You’d always be welcome :grin:

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This is gorgeous! Do you have plans for the fabric?

Absolutely beautiful!! :star_struck:

Love love love the dandelion. Stunning.

No, it’ll probably get folded up again into stash. I’m open to suggestions!!

The dandelion section is about a yard long by about 1/2yard wide.

So lovely!

Beautiful! I love the pairing of the loose dandelion seeds with the organic randomness of the dye pattern.

Wow, such gorgeous work!!

You turned that into really beautiful fabric!

I have plans for that fabric!! :heart_eyes:

I have yet to try ice dyed fabric (I have a friend who uses snow in the winter), but I love the effect. And, that dandelion stamp is just great! I love how it looks on the fabric! I’m always impressed by how much you get done (and I can’t wait to hear the story of all of those prints!).

I love it. I want a muumuu in that fabric.