Quarantined Inspired ATCs Weekend Blitz Challenge 4

Last weekend I made a really pretty masterboard and new my next weekend blitz challenge set would use them.

From left to right top to bottom the themes were:
Fairy tales, relax, put a bird on it
Horoscope or Zodiac, vice, sew awesome

I have been feeling pretty over this whole quarantine thing this weekend–in a slump- so I decided to give this set another “thanks covid-19” vibe. I wanted to do something different, so I did some watercolor then cut it out and glued it to my masterboard background. Each card has some word elements. I did the relax card last, and love how the birds I am watching are the same as in the put a bird on it theme. Hehe. The bird eye is my favorite and next is a pretty zombie looking Shrek! ha.

  1. Shrek has been preparing for quarantine his whole life:

  2. Bird Watching (from a safe distance)

  3. No contact chirping

4.Wise Yoda said over and over and over and over again…stay home you will.

  1. It’s wine o’clock everywhere

  2. Can I stop sewing masks yet?
    (I almost did words only for this one, but added in a kinda hidden watercolor sewing machine. The card has glitter blanket stitch around the edge.)

I just cannot get into sewing masks (because I really don’t want to wear them–but I will.) At all. But I did. I made 8. Go me.

Thanks for looking. Once again, thanks for hosting another week of this challenge, @alteredmommy.


They look fab! The watercolour really ties them together as a set, the sewing machine is so cute too!

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Thank you so much!

These are great! :smile:

I love how you are venting your covid19 hate! ha These are fabulous!

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No-contact chirping cracks me up! The watercolor/background combos work really well.

The watercolour look of your cards is so pretty-I like how you tied them all together with words. I’ve cut out 8 masks, yet to get to sewing them so yes yay for you on mask completion!!

I love the Shrek one.
Anyone else read it with Shrek’s voice?


I did! Haha

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Shrek voice and Yoda voice :joy:


Oh yes, definitely Yoda voice.
(And, I heard Yoda’s voice as I wrote that, too.)


No contact chirping! Cute!

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