Quilt-along 2021

Those are clever and creative! I think I just got some ugly panels…lol…next time I go looking for a quick quilt, I will keep an open mind and look at the options!


I have finished the tutorial, hopefully it is understandable, but Covid seems to have turned me in to an impossible-to-understand communicator, I am de-evolving socially, next step I will move into a cave and develop a hobby of picking fleas out of my furs.

Heart patchwork block, pattern and tutorial - Fiber & Textile / Completed Projects - the Lettuce Craft Forums

any clarifications needed, let me know. There is a simpler option on the tutorial too.


Since I’m in the quilty zone, I completed January’s BOM the sawtoothed star, which is really nice.

It also plays nice with February’s block-both kinds.


Thank you for the tutorial!

Your sawtooth Star came out nice! The colors in both blocks go together nicely!

I’m still debating on fabric choices for the BOM. I have two 10” square stacks and either one should work well for this, but I’m unsure if those are the fabrics I want to use. Too much overthinking :roll_eyes:, lol.

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Has anyone ever done a one block wonder quilt? I have this fabric that I must have bought in the 90s and it’s really dated. I don’t like it now, but I’m thinking it might work for a one block wonder since it has plenty of colour and a fairly big pattern.


@edel Thank you for the tutorial! I awarded you your ticket for January’s BOM, and went ahead since you created the pattern for us a ticket for February’s BOM as well.

That said, in general, tickets are only going to be awarded 1x/month for the current BOM.

I was busy this morning and finally finished piecing the 2018 Row by Row Experience quilt block I finally started a few days ago. I am glad I never started this when I purchased it. I am more skilled now, but even still made mistakes. You can’t see from the picture, but I either didn’t notice in the directions (or it was somehow omitted) to add green to the left of the music notes and to the right of the sewing machine, so I had to add that plus extra wood frame to make that bottom section as long as the top.

I Lynx2Lancer offer this row by row experience block for January’s prompt!

It’ll end up as a mini quilt, but I am not sure yet what I will do for backing and binding.

I Lynx2Lancer offer this as my January BOM.

I have decided I will use these BOM as scrappy stash busting. This square turned out about 10". The blue center and the green squares are from the RbyR Experience block. The other are from stash.

The points are so pretty right now; I’m sad they will end up slightly blunt when they are sewn into seams as the BOM goes on. The blue center makes me think of a mirror or window…like…what do you see all the way out there??


Your landscape scene turned out really nice!!!


That landscape scene looks great as does your Jan BOM

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I don’t know what a One Block Wonder Quilt is, so now I’m curious!

And, I have a selection of fabric that I randomly bought. I was trying to pick fabrics for something else, and started putting bolts in my cart and realized they would go well together for a quilt. I need to dig them out because I’ll need to choose a solid background color. Once I have the fabric unearthed, I’ll probably be back here for advice on color options.


I’ve just found a great app to see what a fabric would look like in a one block wonder. This is what the fabric I showed above would look like.

The picture below is really dark for some reason. But i love it, so I’ll definitely start tomorrow

The online app is one block wonder helper


I have the book and the “ugly” fabric…just haven’t started it either!

I’ll do it if you do it! I don’t have the book, but there are tons of YouTube videos.

I am cutting out the fabrics for the BOM tonight and I did want to finish a small wip…it just needs to be bound…

I also found a use for some of the pillowcases I was going to trash…tote bag liners! They are solid colored and won’t be seen on the outside…I need to do something instead of watching our news right now…ugh…


That is an awesome idea!


I’m waiting on some wadding to arrive in the mail before I can finish my baby quilt. So it’s time for something new.

We’re glued to the news here. It must be making you sick.

Pillowcases are often nice cotton-great for tie dying

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I have an important irl work meeting early tomorrow morning. I have to leave the house 8 hours from now. I think at least half of us will need a lot of coffee tomorrow…

@Edel great idea! The fabric makes me happy because I would have loved that back then. I had not heard of one block wonder quilts, but the images on Google look great!

It’s 11pm here and I’m tempted to start cutting fabric now, but I’m going to resist. It’s too late. I’m going to bed and to read something simple-you need bed too, it’s even later where you are.

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It’s like a train wreck…I just can’t stop watching. It is so awful. I am so worried for all the police.


I’ve seen these types of quilts before and have always been in awe (though I never knew what they were called). I would love to see you turn that fabric into a beautiful one block wonder! I’d also like to hear about the process.

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Wait… is that the one where you stack a set of 6 pattern repeats (or panels) then cut triangles to make a bunch of hexagons?

If so… I still haven’t made one, but I bought some fabric to try it out. I just need a good space to lay out and cut the fabric.