Quilt-along 2021

I once had to wash a bunch of pre-cut squares but they were Jersey knit for a t-shirt quilt so curling was the major problem after washing. I’d worry more about fraying in your case. Maybe if you washed them in a lingerie bag?

I try to remember to prewash all my fabric when I first get it. I’m getting better, lol. I don’t use color catchers. :woman_shrugging:

I pre-wash large fabrics if I think they will run in the wash. I don’t do pre-cuts.

I would go ahead and put them together and then wash them once you have the bedrunner together…and yes, use a color catcher. One is good for each load…if it catches a lot of color, you may have to wash it again with a bit of vinegar to set the dye. The size will probably change if you wash the cut squares…

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I Homerof2 submit this as my April BOM entry.

I’ve made the Card Trick block many times so decided to try the alternate pattern @MistressJennie found and I like how quick it went together. But, there are triangles used for the background so the ‘no triangles’ is a bit misleading. This pattern came out larger than 12.5” so was easy to square up.


@Homerof2 that is so fun. I love the red, white, and black theme. The holiday fabric is fun, makes me think of family dinners in December, playing cards.

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Lovely! I am going to try the alternate pattern as well!

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Yeah, it’s really not ‘no triangles’. It’s no Quarter Square Triangles.

Your block came out great!


Try using Synthrapol. You add a capful to the wash when you’re washing something that might bleed dye. You can use it on actual dye projects, or on finished items that could bleed. One end of the molecule is hydrophilic, and one is hydrophobic. Meaning one side wants to attach to water, and the other is repelled by water. It ends up holding loose dye particles in suspension, so that they stay in the water, and don’t land back on the fabric. Dyers and costumers buy it in big huge jugs, but you only need a capful per wash load, so a casual crafter & quilter can get away with one of the small bottles.

Here’s a really short blog post about how it works from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply. (Scroll down, there’s something weird with the middle of their webpage.)



Progress on the baby quilt. It’s making me rethink whether I actually like quilting or not. :rofl:

I bought backing and batting today. Totally forgot to buy the spray basting. I wanted to make it easy on myself. Might just wait til I run to the store again.

The top looks pretty good though! Yes, there are parts that don’t match up buuuut the point is I have more parts that do match up than not. :slight_smile: I’m considering that a beginning quilter’s win!


It’s beautiful!

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It is beautiful, it’s true. It’s also totally ok to love quilts but hate quilting, you’re certainly not alone in that department :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Whistlefish I definitely prefer the cutting and piecing* to actual quilting.

*when I get over my procrastinating!!

Hoping to make progress on my bedrunner(s) this weekend. Both now have plans, one I think I’m going to do a pre-wash the other not… It could all go horribly wrong.

But it’s all fabric that has been sat waiting for use for years so the money has already been spent, How badly wrong could it go?? And who would know or care?

Sometimes I overthink to the point of nothing getting done.


A-points don’t all have to match. we aren’t machines

B-anyone who points out all your points don’t match, is not your friend.

C-finished is better than perfect

D-made with love, shines through.

Good job! Everytime I think I hate quilting I do something else. And parts of quilting I used to hate, I now find oddly therapeutic. And things I used to love, cause me to grit my teeth and my shoulders to gravitate to my ears. Life is weird.


@homerof2 your BOM is wonderful!

@whistlefish, I love how your baby quilt is looking! Such beautiful colors!

I have been so busy with working at school, working in concessions (grateful for that to be available again), and studying and taking practice art tests for my possible job opportunity that will require more school, that I have not actually done any actual crafting for a week, and this is the block of the month I chose! I best decide to work on it!


I love it!!! :purple_heart:

I love that quilt too!! You did a great job on it and I love your monochromatic approach! You have me considering making my own version.

Me too. Half square triangles are so versatile.

I agree @sloth003, I try my best, but then let it be. Once quilted and washed, the imperfections blend in. And people look at the overall design. I have a friend who makes very impressive quilts, I’ve always felt awed by her skill. But then I looked closely one day and realized that she isn’t always perfect, but just perfect enough. And in a few months, you won’t remember the not-quite-perfect bits either.

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@Whistlefish, I love the colors and the pattern. And the Toes!

@marionberries @audiobooklover @abbeeroad @lynx2lancer @ mistressjennie Thank you!

A. SO true! Excellent point. (No pun intended.)
B. & C. Also true!
D. Love…annoyance…they’re in the same category sometimes. Lol!

I honestly think this would be therapeutic but I went into this quilt thinking it’d be quick and not that much work. I was wrong. I think the fact that it’s more work than I anticipated for all these HST’s is what annoys me. Lol.

@renstar That might be me too. Good luck on your bedrunner progress! Keep us updated.


The mystery is solved! I’ve finally finished piecing together my Morewood Mystery Quilt! This is not a pattern I would’ve chosen on my own, but I really enjoyed participating in the quilt-along and I’m pleased with the final outcome! Plus, I learned a lot during the process.

Here’s a closeup of the fabric that is a better representation of the actual colors.

It’s so neat to see all the variations of this quilt!
If you’re interested in seeing more of the mystery quilts, check out the Link party. Participants can add their quilts up until the 12th of this month.

There will be another mystery quilt-along starting up in July. I’ll post the info here for all those who might be interested.