Quiltalong - 2022

I really like both quilts! You made some great fabric choices - the batiks give the quilts an extra depth that I absolutely love!


A question for the more experienced quilters here! I hand sewed a massive quilt top that I’m quilting by hand as well. It’s going to take ages. I sent it off to the longarm quilter to be basted and she did a thorough job - basting it in a 2" wide grid pattern throughout the whole quilt. She also sewed the top on to the borders and then she sewed down the edges of the borders on to the batting/backing.

Now, on the sides the “flaps” of fabric hanging to the sides are quite short but on the top and the bottom they’re about 10 inches. They’re annoying me. I was thinking, since everything is already sewed down, is there a reason why I can’t bind it already? I would of course leave the basting stitches in place, take some time (honestly probably a year or so) to finish hand quilting and then take out the basting stitches. They can easily be removed. I don’t have a frame or something, I’m just slowly quilting it while sitting under it and watching Netflix. It would be easier if there are solid edges to grip on to and it would make the quilt just a little less big.


I just wanted to show you guys the awesome prize @AudiobookLover sent me for last quarter’s drawing…

A lovely quilt pattern and a layer cake of the fabrics for it! Thank you @AudiobookLover!!!


Pretty and fun. Lucky you!


-I MistressJennie submit this as my January BOM entry.

I varied mine by swapping out the teal center square for a bright pop of color. While again I wouldn’t have picked these fabrics, I do at least like how the block came out. Now to finish the other 13 I cut when I was on a mad cutting spree, trying to clear out fabric… All 13 are in progress. The 9-patch centers are done, and the star points are done, they just need to be added to one another.


Ohh, I love the colors in that block, @MistressJennie!

I, tendstowardschaos, offer my economy lap quilt for my medium personal finish.


@MistressJennie that pop of color really makes the square!

And @tendstowardschaos what puffy goodness!


I’ve never heard of a quilt being bound before it’s quilted but I don’t see why you couldn’t in this case. If you were machine quilting it I’d say don’t but doing it by hand there shouldn’t be movement between the layers, especially since it’s so well basted.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking. I guess the extra fabric on the top and bottom was probably left there in case I wanted to use a big frame to quilt it, but I’m using a hoop that’s in my lap.

Now I just need to find the right fabric for binding! I’m thinking of sewing all my binding scraps together for a scrappy binding to match the scrappy quilt.


Getting ideas for the theme for my 2022 quilt. Rainbow! Mostly brights. So off to pick out colors for January.
And my newly organized stash, larger pieces by color with dividers, fat quarters in boxes on lowest shelf, and trays of odd but useable bits.


After cutting the fabric for my January BOM, I just sorta kept cutting… Soon I had the fabric to make 14 blocks. Which was a weird mixed up number of blocks. No good use for 14. I’d either need to make more or split them into two quilts. Since the colors were such bright kid colors, I decided to turn them into 2 baby quilts. (Probably going to Quilts for Kids.) So this morning I finished the last part of the 13 remaining 9-Patch Star blocks. Then I used the scrap 2.5" blocks I had leftover from cutting, to make 4 Framed 9-Patches, with some more turquoise fabric that came from my mom. (It came from the same FQ Bundles that the lighter pink and purple came from.

After lunch I stitched up the pile of blocks into 2 baby quilt tops! Here’s the first, made from all Star blocks.

I like how the pattern creates secondary stars in the corners where the blocks meet.

And here’s the second top, with the Framed 9 Patches.

Since the blocks are 10", each quilt is 30" square. I dug back through the fabrics mom sent, and found some 1-yard cuts that will work for backings and binding both. All in all these two tops used 6.5 fat quarters, 8 jelly roll strips, and 3 1-yard cuts, with some scraps of each leftover. AND I just checked my bin of batting scraps and found I have 1 larger piece, that is just big enough to do the two quilts! With about 1" of clearance on all sides. Perfect. Looks like I’ll be quilting them tomorrow.


Wow. I so love this block in multiples, it’s bright and fun.


Gorgeous little quilts! I love the colors combos and the blocks you used.


A scrappy binding would be perfect on this quilt. Be sure to keep us updated on your progress.


I marionberries , offer Let it Snow for January BOM

I adapted the 10 inch to 12 inches, not easy with a 5 x 5 grid. I based it on 3 inch squares then stitched using my 1 cm foot instead of a scant 1/4 inch. Came out just a bit short, but not enough to matter. Then I cut wrong on the snowflake fabric and I only had so much. So ended up doing standard HST blocks.

I’m using bright rainbow colors overall with seasonal themes for this quilt and will probably auction off for a charity come the fall. So Rainbow here we come.



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I like the different versions of January’s BOM! @MistressJennie, those quilt tops look so good! Thank you for pointing out the secondary star. I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.


I love both versions!

@MistressJennie so many kids are going to be happy with those beautiful quilts! I don’t know how you do it, finish up those quilts so fast. I’m working on a relatively tiny project but with sewing, ironing, sewing, ironing, cutting to size etc it just takes ages and ages.


This is so bright and cheerful! I love it!


I’m nominating a Block of the Month! How about the Royal Star Block?

That link has directions for a 6", 9", and 12" version. There’s also an alternate ‘goose-less’ version at the bottom, that doesn’t include Flying Geese pieces. It’s called the Weathervane Block.

I was really torn on this nomination, because I also think the Rocky Mountain Puzzle is pretty cool, and they again have directions for various sizes.