Rawr! Animal print

Ok. 204 different animal prints. A friend is having a pretty crappy month so i thought this would make her day a bit better.

Lions, tigers and bears! Oh my. Along with raccoons and otters and foxes and geese and turkeys amd unicorns and turtles and bees.


How cool!

What a wonderful gift!!

That is amazing, wow. And you had all of that in your stash? Unbelievable.
Looks like a good snuggle size too, what are the measurements?


Just over a meter by a meter and a half ish…

About 42x60 inches.

All from stash, mostly from precut scrap. I may have a problem.


That’s really cute! What a thoughtful gift.

And, I see no problem with a healthy stash…not if you’re putting it to good use.:wink:


What a lovely gift! Cozy and comforting, but also interesting and engaging.

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That’s an amazing gift!
I love all the different colors and animal prints you used.

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Wow! What a cool idea, and all those fabrics are wonderful!

This is the coolest! I adore the random bright colors together.

So wonderful :smiley: You’ve done a great job randomizing the values of the prints :raised_hands:
And glad to hear I’m not the only one with a fabric stash “problem” :stuck_out_tongue:


What a great friend you are! A fun and snuggly quilt like this is the perfect thing to lift spirits! Beautifully done!

OK–204 different animal prints? No one else sees this as a cry for intervention? No one? Ok…then you have posted in the right forum! lol Great themed quilt…and all from stash…carry on being a wonderful quilter and friend!


She’s just putting us all to shame! We should all be so well stocked with the materials for inspiration! :wink:

(also at the rate she creates things, she’ll go through such a stash in no time!) :slight_smile:


Congratulations! You made everyone’s day better by sharing this incredible quilt. It is a FEATURED PROJECT!
Thank you for contributing to our community. :green_heart: