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I work seasonally as a bartender at the largest repertory theatre in North America. Been at it 10 years and i have a few pet peeves.

The job isnt tough and you dont need much to do it but when someone comes to work and asks for a pen… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So out of the costume scrap bins i made a welcome to the bar pouch. It fits easily in the aprons we wear, so now noone has any excuses. Also included… 2 dimes, a nickle, a hair tie, a breath mint and a bottle opener… With room for you to add tylenol and bandaids (didn’t want to get a report from health and safety for circumventing the first aid reporting process😉)

And i made a tote from the bins to carry them off to training this weekend cause. Why not over do things?


Fun idea, and I am sure they will be appreciated!


Even if they aren’t.

Everyone will know not to ask me for a pen. :joy:


I love how your rage turned into generosity! Not surprising coming from the quilted crane crafter! Regardless, THESE ARE AWESOME and thoughtfully created and stuffed!


Great idea! Positive way to approach the problem. And the little zip kits are so cute, too!

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I understand why for all the items except the nickel and dimes?

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That’s awesome.

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Our floats don’t usually have nickles and dimes in them because we don’t use them, everything is priced to hit. 50 or an even dollar amount. When they added a tip function to the debit machine i found we started need a small number to balance the end of day. But as a lead who has to recount and reconcile all the tills i hate counting nickles and dimes out if the roll. 49 dimes are a menace… So if everyone has one or two. They can swap out a quarter and till and tip and deposit balances out…

Again. A kindness that hides my own selfish requirements.


Great idea! So great you used your work experience to provide them with a few tools for their job.

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I didn’t understand the change, either, and… I still don’t! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: It’s OK, though, I trust that this explanation makes total sense to someone using these words for these things in this job!


What a great idea!

Those are fantastic and you are amazing.